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The Appeal Process

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At current I'm appealing a decision made on a report, the specifics aren't important as this isn't relevant to my own report but rather all of them. Obviously since submitting I have kept a closer eye on the Appeal section than I normally would and I noticed that there seems to be a none structured way that the staff review an appeal. I have seen appeals have a lifetime and turnaround of only a matter of hours such as this;

While others are allowed to stew in the appeal section without so much as an update to where in the process, if there even is an established one, is. Such as this one (Which at the time of posting has been sat in the appeal section for near three days without any indication that a member of staff has even acknowledged it; 

I suppose what I'm asking, and perhaps I have missed something here that answer these, forgive me if I did but;

  • What is the current priority of appeals in comparison to reports? (I myself believe that an appeal is as much apart of a report as the initial report post)
  • Do the Staff at current have a structured way of reviewing appeals (e.g. Oldest to Newest) ?
  • Do the Staff have a turnaround time goal (2 days-3 days etc.)?
  • Would the staff team be open for revising this process and in doing so allow the process to be clearer for the OP of the appeal (e.g. Staff members posting updates, this can be as simple as saying this has been acknowledge / this is now under review)?
  • During the appeal process why are staff not in a back and forth with the OP in order to clear up any points that may not be covered by the appeal, similar to how reports work?

These are my own personal concerns since experiencing this for myself and perhaps others have a different view point, but after talking to a few friends and group members these were some of the things that were recurring in each conversation. Anything to clear up some of these points would be helpful, cheers.

(I just want to insert a footnote here for those who may read, While I do at current have my own appeal up and it's very simple to assume that I'm posting this in the hopes that it would be seen to, I want to say that at this point the amount of time elapsed with my appeal is hours away from running over my ban timer so regardless of any decision made it would have 0 effect on my own personal situation.)

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  • Appeals should always be handled first. They take priority over handling any reports. However we are so-so at following this priority. I remind GM team every month 😄 
  • No, they are being reviewed whenever a GM who is able to do it finds it. Remember that GMs who handled the report cannot handle the appeal, so it often takes a while before two uninvolved GMs or admins find an appeal they can handle.
  • The goal is 24 hours, we don't want to keep incorrectly punished people banned for longer than that. It is not always possible though.
  • Staff members post updates on appeals and reports through thread notes. Those are visible to staff only. So even if you don't see anyone posting on your report or appeal, there may already be plenty of thread notes added from various staff members.
  • We do if we have further questions. Usually, all the information, PoVs and evidence is already present in the original report, so there is no need to ask further questions, just look over the original decision, whether it is valid or not and take the new appeal information into consideration.

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