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Nick Ahl

Hello and Thank you

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Hello guys and girls

I've just finished my first session on this server and I gotta say, I'm amazed. The paranoia is still present but you dont get KOS'ed (atleast not yet) by everyone you meet. Thank you to the first group I met who though at gunpoint, directed me in the right direction to Cherno.

Cheers all, hopefully this experience will last.


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Guest Lunarity

Hi, I Hope You'll have a good time on DayzRP servers : )

If You got any questions - ask on forum or You can always PM me, and i'll try to help if i'll be able to :)

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hello everybody! at first, i have to say my English is not good.

i'm a player who loves role playing games. i saw people playing dayz like counter-strike or half-life. they shoot everybody they see. it's like a deathmatch. and i hate it!

i love to play dayz as a role playing game. i want to try to keep alive my character and at the same time i wan to help other survivors, and make friends.

i love this community! so see you in the game!

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Thanks Luna and Welcome to you Mahfuzz, this is realy the way it should be. You are able to interract with other players but there is still that first "realism" tension, should I shoot him before he shoots me? Why doesnt he answer when I'm talking to him? "Dont turn around quickly dude or I shoot you, stay cool I'm firendly", the pulse maxed like no other game before! I love it :P

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