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Alex Rhodes - Tape recordings of an agent

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Director Grey: "The voices on record are the following. Myself, senior director and officer Daniel Grey and returning British operational officer Alex Rhodes"

*Sound of a file hits the desk*

Director Grey: "Rhodes we have an assignment for you down in Chernarus, but before we can clear you for the operation we would like to talk to you about Istanbul"

*Sound of a metal lighter is heard followed by an inhale of a cigarette*

Alex Rhodes: "What would you like to know? I thought that operation didn't happen"

Director Grey: "It didn't which is why you can tell me right now what happened as this meeting also didn't happen... do we have an understanding?"

Alex Rhodes: "Well now that you put it like that"

*Sound of an inhale of a cigarette*

Alex Rhodes: "Istanbul was a shit show. It was 2017 several months after the infection had hit Chernarus, I was tasked to meet up with a man named James Carter who, whilst this is off the record, was drafted in by you guys to track down some missing files on a USB stick that could expose a lot of government secrets... if I remember sir you said it was to get the house in order."

Director Grey: "Ofcourse that was the idea"

Alex Rhodes: "James got to the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki agent well before I did... Sofia Petrov, also know as Sarah. Infact he got abit too close to her if you get what I mean sir"

Director Grey: "He fell for her?"

Alex Rhodes: "Ofcourse, she played him. Made him think they would run away from everything together. As for the USB we found it over time, it took a lot of work but we destroyed it. I don't know where James went from there, last I saw, him and Sofia boarded a boat to Chernarus and I waited for you to get me out of Istanbul and get me to the Ukraine"

Director Grey: "We spoke to James, he killed Sofia. He claims she made a copy of the USB and was planning to take it back to Moscow with her"

*Sound of an inhale of a cigarette*

Alex Rhodes: "So did he give you the copy?"

Director Grey: "No he said he threw it into the Green Sea with Sofia's body. Then spent the rest of his time back in Chernarus on leave. Even got married apparently"

Alex Rhodes: "So let me guess sir, you want me to go over to Chernarus to find him and make sure he is telling the truth..."

*Sound of a cigarette being stubbed out in an ashtray*

Director Grey: "Well that's apart of it, but we also want you to help him out in the country whilst he is operational"

Alex Rhodes: "Operational? why would he be operational with a wife in the mix wouldn't that create more issues for his cover?"

Director Grey: "They went through a divorce, as you know a man with nothing to lose or live for will be willing to get back into this work. Plus the Russians threatened him and the people he knows... so we used him as a double agent to work gathering intelligence on Chernarus. We would look at what he had gathered and told him what information to leak to the Ruski's. Before we send you to Chernarus we need to discuss other operations that you have been apart of post Istanbul... we will take a short break" 

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