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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-11, 16:50
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S1: KOS near SW Checkpoint 07/06/19, 16:20

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Server and location: S1, near the south west checkpoint

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Today, around 16:20 server time

Your in game name: Frank Teigland

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: No idea

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video is uploading, will take a couple of hours. These screenshots are taken of the video, not while in game.







Detailed description of the events:  

I was traveling along the south coast, heading for the south west military checkpoint, when I saw a big construction built around the gas station. I had heard a single gunshot a few minutes before, so I decided to walk up and try to get some RP.
When I walked up to the base, I saw a man running on the roof. He aimed his gun at me as I waved at him, and I took a few steps back, not sure if he was just looking at me through his scope (like so many do) or if he was being threatening. 

As I started to leave, he went behind the wall, and I thought he was coming outside to talk, but then he showed up in a watchtower closer to me. Thinking he wanted to interact with me, I took a few steps closer, at which point he aimed his gun at me again. Taking this as a bad sign, I turned to leave, but as I started running I was gunned down from behind.

No interaction, not even a single word spoken. I'm posting this report to find out who that was, and I would like to talk to them about this before a verdict.

Edited by Bobandy

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Guest Xehara

Kill Logs:

16:20:08 | Player "Frank Teigland" (DEAD) killed by Player "Boris Bodunov" with M70 Tundra from 72.6818 meters 

Hit Logs:

16:20:08 | Player "Frank Teigland" hit by Player "Boris Bodunov" with M70 Tundra from 72.6818 meters 

Connection Logs:

13:41:15 | Player "Boris Bodunov" has been disconnected
14:03:27 | Player "Boris Bodunov" is connected
15:39:32 | Player "Boris Bodunov" has been disconnected
15:49:43 | Player "Boris Bodunov" is connected

15:48:59 | Player "Frank Teigland" is connected
16:20:08 | Player "Frank Teigland" (DEAD) died.

Calling In:

@Bobandy - Frank Teigland | POSTED

@Mudil - Boris Bodunov | 

For your full and detailed PoV, and any video evidence you may have.

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@Mudil Will remain temp banned until he responds to both reports. 

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Video is done uploading.


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Since @Mudil has not provided their POV, he will remain banned until he created an appeal detailing his full POV of this situation, at which point the report will continue through their appeal

We apologise for any inconvenience.


signed by @Derek Steel @Onyx @Mademoiselle @Xehara

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