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Possible KoS without warning?

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Server and location: S1, Kamenka gas station (between town and SW checkpoint)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-06-07, 15:00 (give or take 5 minutes)

Your in game name: Neil Murray

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Absolutely no clue

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (I apologize for the sound problem, this was done with the GeForce Experience recording capability, I don't use it much)


Detailed description of the events: I logged in to the server and found locked inside of the group, which I am a part of's, base at the Kamenka petrol station. I hopped out, over the fence and forgot to get a hatchet before I left in order to let myself back in by deconstructing, entering through, and then reconstruction part of the wall. I decided to go to Kamenka and go about scavenging through the town for any tools, ammo, etc. During which I found a hatchet in a tool shed, as well as a new pristine BK-133 Shotgun (this is relevant).

During my time in Kamenka I heard a few gunshots coming from westward, which I assumed was somebody at the military checkpoint and the far south-western point of the map, which had stopped by the time I was returning to the base to drop off the things I'd collected. When approaching the base, as seen in the video, I realized I'd forgotten to load the shells I'd unloaded from my old shotgun into the new one. Which I proceed to do, then make my way to the part of the fence near the north end of the base: It's a wooden fence there and some parts have the gas station building's fence behind it, so I had to find the right spot. 

When I am that close to the base I thought I'd heard the sounds of a hatchet already deconstructing, but it had very quickly stopped and I couldn't tell if I was hearing somebody move or not. I go to deconstruct the fence and I fall down dead. I heard no speech, no warnings, no gunshot, I honestly can't explain how I died.

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Guest Xehara

Kill Logs:

14:59:31 | Player "Neil Murray" (DEAD) killed by Player "Boris Bodunov" with SK 59/66 from 41.7329 meters 

Hit Logs:

14:59:31 | Player "Neil Murray" hit by Player "Boris Bodunov" with SK 59/66 from 41.7329 meters 

Connection Logs:

13:41:15 | Player "Boris Bodunov" has been disconnected
14:03:27 | Player "Boris Bodunov" is connected
15:39:32 | Player "Boris Bodunov" has been disconnected
15:49:43 | Player "Boris Bodunov" is connected

14:01:55 | Player "Neil Murray" is connected
14:59:49 | Player "Neil Murray" (DEAD) died.

Calling in

@AVeryBritishGael - Neil Murray | POSTED
@Mudil - Boris Bodunov |

For your full and detailed PoV, and any video evidence you may have.

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@Mudil will remain temp banned until he responds to both reports. 

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Since @Mudil has been on the forums since being called in, and has not responded to either report, this report will be closed. He will have to create an appeal detailing his full POV, at which point the report will continue through the appeal.

We are sorry for any inconveniences.


Signed by: @Onyx, @Derek Steel & @Mademoiselle

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