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The Unknown (group idea)

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The Unknown 

When Tyler was deployed into the country on the grounds to help stop the outbreak, he was put into a group with other military groups from around the world. One of the people that he met a Swedish man by the name of Jackson Miller, both men with good intentions and good hearts. Both men only wanted to do good and seeing the evil in the area from the other survivors they both set out to help those who couldn't help themselves. With their experience in the military as well as combat experience they knew what had to be done. They set out to find more people with the same mindset to assist and aid them. The two of them became a PMC group to start off helping others making sure everyone had food and water as well as protection from not only the infected but the larger threats in the area as well. The two also had their own personal reasons to be down in Chernarus.  
This is where it begins for The Unknown.

"I choose to do this, nobody forced me. I could leave at anytime, but i choose not to. 
Not for praise or glory, but for the man next to me and to punish the wicked." 

Set up a safe place/safe haven for all of the people who have no where to turn to. (Day 750, just put this number down because we are unsure when we will have the time to set it up. It will change in the near future.) 
Help all those who are in need (if possible). (Indefinite)
Push out the evil in the area to make the place safer for all to live. (Indefinite)
Providing protection to those who cannot protect themselves. (indefinite)
Make alliances with people of the same mindset. (Indefinite)
Set up supply runs. (On hold till we have a safe haven set up.)
Set up a firing range for civilians who wants to learn how to shoot. (On hold till we have a safe haven set up.)

(Group goals might change or things might be added in the future.)

"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster."

Group rules:
If you see someone in danger help them in any way you can.
We are not to rob anyone at any time.
Anyone looking to harm others must be stopped by any means necessary.
We are all brothers in arms, protect those next to you. Leave no man behind.
Show no mercy for the wicked.
Role play always comes first. We are not here to ruin other peoples experiences.
(Group rules might change or things might be added in the future.)

“Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” 

Leader: Tyler Smith (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/37590-treemanmp3/)
Co-Leader: Jackson Miller (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/38310-brokenkaliber/)
Enlistee: Alan Macdowell (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/847-mcmillan/)

Enlistee: William Henrickson (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/37702-jfiremaster/?tab=node_characters_charactersProfile)

Civilian:  Jacob Stevens (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/39816-andysuter/?tab=node_characters_charactersProfile)

(Others to be announced when they have the characters for the group)

Everyone is welcome to join the group, whether you be civilian or military. 
This group has a ranking system, every new member will start as a "Enlistee" and will not be considered trustworthy with vital information. Our job is to protect, and everyone knows the value of information. 

"Our duty is to protect good and to punish evil."

The Unkown.jpg

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This needs a lot of work. I suggest adding graphics, hyperlinks, ic and ooc goals, make it look a little cleaner. You also can't be a part of another group within 7 days before making a group, please read  DayZ Group Rules and Requirements

Once all the necessary changes are made I wish you the best of luck!

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I already had a conversation with one support guy about the group part. My new character is not a part of Potius and TreeMans character Tyler isn't in a group either. And he told us if that was the case then it would be fine to make a group. 

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I mean group thread needs alot of work


either way I hope this goes good for you 

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This looks like a wip, I would suggest working on your lore and graphics 😉 .

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This group needs a lot of work. We don't not allow Work in Progress groups, hence why I will be archiving this until the Staff Team see fit for it to be put back up.

PM a Mod+ when you have everything ready and we will reevaluate then.


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