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Increase default hotkey slots available

Increase hotkey slots  

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As the game is now, hotkeys are more or less required, in my opinion, to play the game enjoyably.  Sure, they're mostly quality of life, but for most basic game functions it's either painfully slow or just annoying to do them without hotkeys, for example, reloading.  Right now, you only start with 3 hotkey slots by default and the only way to increase this is by wearing larger clothing items, especially military items.

However, it's summer time, and my character is an 18 year old that barely wears much else than a t-shirt and jeans.  Call it circumstantial, but from my experience, civilian clothes don't really offer much in terms of hotkey space, with most items only offering 1 extra.  I'd propose to, in some way, increase the hotkey slots available, either by default or increasing slots provided by clothing.

Also, devs, if this isn't possible, whoopsies.

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Nice quality of life idea here Peril.

But I've had to vote 'No' on this one.

My reasoning is; this is a survival role playing game. Where the mechanics are meant to be challenging, semi-realistic (whilst maintaining a fun factor), and the environment it's set in should remain unforgiving, albeit I would actually like to see the game be a little more tougher. PvP is the only REAL threat to life at the moment. However I digress.

The extra slots on military vs civilian clothing is intentional. Think of them as utility pockets with ease of access. For example I can keep my bullets in the pockets on my jeans (hotkey slot) for quick access when reloading the magazine I'm holding. But if those bullets are in my bag, I'm going to have to stop, rummage around for them, and then load them into the mag. Which is why (to my knowledge), there is limited hotkeys dependent on the number of pouches/pockets you have on your uniform.

This is important to me, and I would hate to see the advantage a soldier would have, versus a kid in shorts and tshirt in this respect dissipate. 

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This is hardlocked afaik. Have not seen any number value I could change.

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Guest Deaytch

Leave it as it is. The right gear will add it or just choose what's most important. 

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> Put on backpack/vest to give 6+ hotkey slots
> Add item to the last hotkey
> Take off backpack/vest
> Retain hotkey slots

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