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"Attempted Invalid Kill | Ruleplay | Lying In A Report" appeal

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Why the verdict is unfair: Firstly we resolved the issue of in base initiation with @JimRP and @Saunders yesterday, Where you only have defenders rights if they assailants have stolen something, JimRP directly said you can shoot them on sight but if they haven't stole anything it would be considered RDM or ARDM. In this case they had stole items in our base so I have defenders rights in that situation so I take the risk by shooting first while bad RP I want left with much of an option. Then the idea that I'm "ruleplaying" everyone in the server is playing by or attempting to play by the rules in the server, that's why the rules are there to prevent me just being a bandit and killing everyone on sight(because its obviously against the rules) but they're also there to protect you in situations like this, my goal is not to KOS hell I have only killed 2 people in my time playing, but it is in line with my old world ex marine pastor to stand your ground and blow away anyone in your home. It wouldn't make for good RP for me to try and hold 3-6 guys up in my base if I have to sit and type all my commands to them (even though It was my understanding that you were unable to type with the menu bug) where I'm at a clear disadvantage and my character wouldn't run from that situation. Lastly I didn't lie about having the menu bug, If I could recreate it for you in game I would, you're welcome to ask others if they have the ability to shoot. 

Additional Statements: From my point of view it just feels like a non issue, I'm the only one who got hurt in character, they shot the crazy guy defending his home from an RP perspective. I'm also new to the server obviously but the rules have a ton of grey area around base defense. Where @Roland stated that if someone's stealing from you that counts as a hostile action against you but I'm now being told you have to initiate on someone that's already inside my home seems a bit backwards. I know now after talking to @JimRP that the rules are taken on a case by case basis but this just feels unfair in my favor. 

What Id like to achieve with this appeal: A new assessment of "kill right" and how they affect clear established bases. I'd also like to see me re-whitelisted and the ban removed or a lighter sentence, while I don't agree with the ruleplay verdict if you think that's out of character for me I can't control that. 

What I could have done better: I could have tried to relog to attempt to fix the menu bug or talked out of character that I couldn't respond and that if they could wait for me to relog. Or attempted to role play the situation in my current state and just accepted the fact of the unfortunate situation I was in.

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A separate team of staff have reviewed this appeal and come to a decision. 

First we will address the lying in a report. Frankly, even from my own experiences, I can see that it is possible you had that annoying overlay bug, and that it does allow some inputs and not others. 

Next on to ruleplay. Frankly I nor the reviewing staff see it. Ruleplay is typically something that is done such as using rights when it doesn't make IC sense, such as when someone takes you hostage, realizes you aren't who they are looking for, and release you with no consequence or item taken, then you use the rights to shoot them anyways. In this case, while the you may not have had proper rights, you weren't using the rules to fulfill an OOC desire despite it not making IC sense.

Which brings us to the attempted invalid kill. As stated before, you only gain rights if the person stealing is doing so with full knowledge of the fact the item taken is stolen from you while you are directly present. Walking away from a vehicle, only to then have it stolen when you aren't around, does not give you rights. As such this part of the ban will remain


//Appeal accepted...ish. Ban reduced to 2 days and 10 points.

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