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S1: possible loot cycle 6/6/2019 16:28

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Server and location: S1, location troitskoe (military base)

server time: 16:28 

 name in game: jonathan aedo

Names of allies involved:  none

suspect : unknown


description of the events: 

I was looting in the military base and i found a pile of loot on the ground, after i check it i realized that it was like 12 pices of clothing and some miscellaneous objects like  weapon attachment, knife.

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Update your report using the template which can be found in the post below:

Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in your report being closed.

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Since you have not updated your report, combined with the lack of evidence this report offers, we will be closing this report.

Signed by: @Onyx, @Derek Steel & @Zanaan

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