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*The broadcast starts abruptly, the static wavering loudly followed by pops and cracks. The young voice of a girl speaks through, clearly fiddling with the radio as the sounds dot the frequency. Calm, yet sounding frustrated she addresses her device.*

"Heya, ... Fuck, think I messed this up again .... Uh, crap. What frequency is this?"

*More shuffling can be heard, a few errant whacks as if she were trying to unstick something that was stuck.*

"Damnit, whatever. Hello? Ja-I mean, uh ... Lynx? Rys? Yeah. Rys, hah. You copy? OVER!"

*Her light voice ushers forth a few giggles softly, before she clears her throat and continues.*

"Rys. Uh, yeah, we walked off from where you were. Sorry! Needed to find a place to rest.

Remember the uh, ... place with the river? And the person who may of taken a dip in it, to be 'reborn' or whatever, the place you threw up in front of because of pond water in your canteen? Down the road, a fair bit from there, next stop over ... Toward the Doctor? That's where we are, at the moment. 

I need Ni-I mean, mustang ... to fix my radio. 

Meet you there.

Uh, over?

*Releasing the PTT the radio falls silent and the broadcast ends as swiftly as it started.*

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*The recipient of the radio message pinches the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb in a perpetual pose, like a distressed version of the "Thinker". Listening to the choppy, yet quirky radio message. His amber eyes met the skyline in a stare-off after his digits went to stroke along his five o'clock-shadow. The look that accompanied a pained yet amused sigh, soon took on the features of a rather wide grin as he cleared his throat from the last bit of phlegm his smoking habit had gathered.*

"The lynx will pounce into the gasoline-coated nest and stalk the hills. Over. I'll find you"

"Truffle Kitten, I'm near the first kiss area, smooch-zone, is that a word in Amerikanski?  Bottom line, GET OFF THIS FREQUENCY!"

*The man stretches his neck, working the cricks out as he began wandering towards the destination.*

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Shakes presses the PTT, confused out of his mind - yet he goes to speak whilst travelling. Steps along gravel can be heard in the background as he limps along the road from his injuries.

What on earth... I recognize the voices, huh. Well, I assume the code names are for something.

Lemme just say that it's nice to hear "Truffle Kitten" and "Rys" again

When saying the code names, he physically does air quotes in front of him and looks around hoping nobody saw him.

Catch up sometime, yeah? 51.2 if you need to contact me. Shakes - out. Oh, and I  think Smooch-zone is a word.

He releases the PTT and puts the radio back on his backpack - before travelling and using his gun as his crutch. 

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*Holliday would get on the radio and respond.*

”Breaker, breaker, this is Chocolate Dinosaur. The griffon has landed in the ox’s pen, I repeat the griffon has landed in the ox’s pen.”

*he would end the message.* 

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