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Server and location:  Server 1 (undisclosed)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): sometime after 0000

Your in game name:  Noah Wells 

Names of allies involved:  @APTerminator

Name of suspect/s:  Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  None 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  Some screenshots Will be given To admins on request 

A detailed description of the events: *We believe that the other party logged unto S2 to get into our base on S1.*  Upon a Team member logging in We had found the front gate to our base to be opened which it was closed when everyone had logged out. The gate is impossible to open from the outside, And ladders are not able to be used to climb over them due to the location of the gate. When the member had logged on and noticed the gate was opened he checked to make sure it wasn't one of us then went to check the equipment storage for missing items and had found that the base was missing a large amount of ammo and Weapons. The only way to enter the base is if someone from the inside opens the gate or you use a ladder to AOGM through the windows.   We have checked with other members and no one had left the gate open according to discord it was not left open by us. Hence we suspect Foul play at hand here.

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Pov- I had logged in to go do a midnight lüt run while the servers were somehwhat quiet and found our base to be opened, which as stated is physically impossible from the outside. Checked with everyone, no one had left so it is a blatant aogm or ghost by whoever robbed us. Checked all of our things, and yes some were missing. Bradley got online later and confirmed it.

And as said by my compatriot we will provide evidence to this report in a dm with the responding staff member, due to the rampant metagaming in this community regarding base locations.

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Would like to drop the report as the party who did the Raid has shown us a video on what occurred. 

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The staff team are glad that you have resolved the problem. 

With that said,


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