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Oleg Symturov - Origins

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Oleg was born January 19, 1964 as Oleg Ktáin Symturov in a midwife in the town of Novodmitrovsk, USSR. His parents, Rusjed and Anastasia, were both vehement anti-communists and Chernarussian nationalists. They raised their son to be the same, the family renting a small cottage in southeastern Severograd to call home. Rusjed was a clerk for the local post office whilst Anastasia was a stay-at-home gardener. The family struggled to maintain a steady upbringing for Oleg and his younger brother Yuri due to conflict within Chernarus. This led Oleg to joining the local militia for the CDF when he was just 23, after his factory workplace in Severograd was forcefully raided and his friends arrested by the KGB. Seeing Russia as the source of many of Chernarus’ issues, Oleg was radicalized against them. He maintained his job as a maintenance man at a large complex but began training for the militia in his free time. As such, Oleg developed skill with a rifle and with hunting and tracking. He participated in riots, sit-ins, and other attempted resistances of Soviet rule, and claims to have even killed a KGB agent himself. In 1991, with the fall of the Soviet Union, Oleg joined pro-independence forces as they triumphed over the Communists in Novigrad. His home and factory job in Severograd had been uprooted during the turmoil. His family cottage was now rubble, his job of over ten years reduced to an empty industrial building. As such, Oleg moved to Novigrad where he enlisted into the Chernarussian military officially. Oleg was accepted and eventually became a sargeant, and lived a comfortable life in an apartment in central Novigrad.


Oleg was reassigned to the region of South Zagoria, his homeland, in 2008 during the ethnic violence there. He joined the 176th Gorka Battalion in Kamensk, where he was stationed until the outbreak began. Oleg had no knowledge of the events at the base, being largely kept on guard duty. He frequently joined the battalion in peacekeeping missions across South Zagoria where he experienced first hand combat with Russian militias and military. By the time the outbreak began, he was fending off Kamensk Military Base from growing numbers of infected until he and his comrades were ordered to leave, at which time they abandoned their posts and went home to check on family.


That was almost 700 days ago.


Oleg carpooled in an old Lada with his good friend Fredirik from Kamensk to Novigrad, where they each had family. The journey across Chernarus in the first days of the outbreak was harrowing. More than once did Frederik and Oleg find their car being bombarded by rabid infected, their eyes filled with black bile. Near Kirovograd, the two were stuck in a traffic jam on the highway for nearly a day before Frederik found a side path to take. The two were then subjected to an attempted robbery in the outskirts of Novigrad, which dissipated when Oleg pulled his military-issue AK on the criminal.


Once in Novigrad, Frederik agreed to drop Oleg off at his brother’s apartment and meet him later, wanting to check on his own loved ones as well. Oleg was dismayed to find his brother’s apartment building boarded up, a man with a rifle aimed out the second story window claimed he was not aware of Yuri Symturov’s location, and ordered Oleg to leave. He complied, and managed to make his way to Yuri’s place of business, a restaurant in the posh area of Novigrad. There he did not find his brother but did find his brother’s son, barricaded in the back room with all the food. Uncle Oleg and his young nephew left to meet with Frederik again, but could not make contact with him. The two spent the next year or so wandering about the northern Novigrad area. Nowadays, with hordes becoming common in the populated areas of the West, Oleg and his nephew have made their way all the way back to where it all began - rural South Zagoria.


Oleg’s first encounter upon returning to South Zagoria was in the town of Pushtoshka. Three heavily armed men were shooting infected for sport in the road, and Oleg stepped out from the building he and his nephew had ducked into.

“Do not shoot, I am not infected!” He called. The men approached. They had huge military-grade weapons, including an M249. Oleg engaged in a short conversation with the supposed leader of the group, who spoke with an Australian accent. Oleg learned two of their names - Reaper and Derek - and remembered thinking how strange those two names sounded together. Oleg gave the small crew a bag of rice he had found, and told them to stay safe. The people of South Zagoria, it seemed, were not all bad.

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Journal Entry - Day 695 (Translated from Chernarussian)


I have found so few people. I walked from Kabanino to Ratnoe today with no luck. I tried to gather some supplies from Novaya Petrovka but it seemed fairly picked clean. I did see one soul today - a man passed me in a sedan traveling westward. He called out hello to me. Perhaps he hasn't had much contact with others either.


I later found his car parked outside a building in Novaya Petrovka. The keys were still in the ignition, and the driver was nowhere to be found. I called out to him. "Hello? If you can hear me, I am Oleg Symturov. If you are hurt or hungry, I can help you." I don't know if he heard me and chose to stay hidden or if he had run off somewhere - or worse. I scoured Novaya for signs of the man to no avail, and chose to keep headed home.

I found another vehicle in the town of Topolniki. It was in fairly good condition. After refilling the radiator and gas tank, I drove it off the lot. From the moment I started the car, it's engine was sputtering and smoking. I tried my best to keep it alive but it seems the car died somewhere near Vavilovo. I attempted to perform maintenance but it seemed the engine had completely died. Damn old Soviet cars. Guess I am walking home tonight...

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Journal Entry - Day 698


What a turnaround. I met once again with my nephew Thraex on the rail tracks today. His time in Chernogorsk has come to an end and he now joins me once more. The boy is American, yes, but he is family. It is not his fault Yuri's ex-wife took the young boy to Texas.


The two of us established our camp. From a disorganized mess which I left it in, young Thraex has quickly begun shaping up the place. We were gathering water nearby at one point when a small group of wolves came by, chasing infected. The fight was brief, and dark, and I thank God for my night vision goggles. Poor Thraex was blindly swinging his axe and managed to slay both an infected and a wolf. We gathered the wolf steaks and went home to prepare dinner. I hear wolf meat is not tasty, but I would not know. I do not claim to be a good cook... I forgot to place water in the cooking pot before setting it to boil. Burnt steaks and potatoes for dinner, I guess.


We wound up coming across a home in the woods today. Outside was a young Irish man preparing steaks over a fire. After a brief conversation, we traded food and my belly is now filled with hearty meat. Soon after, a group of American militants wearing black approached from the woods. At first I feared for my life, but it seems they too were good, understanding people. We had further conversation, and I learned of a war going on near Pushtoshka. Thraex and I then moved on.


We later found a butchered human corpse, fresh, outside a factory. Nearby was a man we had been trailing for some time - dressed in all white, he claimed he was a doctor who merely butchered the body for medical purposes. I found this suspicious, but the doctor was eager to trade and understanding of our caution. He offered me a Nota-Cola, the disgusting American soda. I denied his offer and had a Zluda instead. (My favorite drink, tastes like potato!)


As we spoke with him a man and woman approached, with a strong stench of marijuana emanating from them. I am not one to judge their usage of such drugs, after all, my vodka bottle emptied quite quickly today. We had a brief conversation, but the two newcomers seemed inebriated and unwilling to speak much. As the sun was soon setting, Thraex and I took our leave. I find myself suspicious of that doctor, but perhaps that is just nerves.


South Zagoria is a hellhole compared to the rest of Chernarus, but I hope all the people I meet are as forthcoming as those I met today. 

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