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Appealing Invalid Kill Verdict

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict it'self is not where I pull issue as it can be argued that yes the kill, although an accident in the heat of the moment, although it took place during an active hostile zone and, although the OP of the thread was stood with the initiating group (Weapon or No) due to the fact it turned out he was not with the group it, on a complete black and white level is invalid, No, I find the extent of the enforced punishment somewhat tone deaf in regards to this particular matter and that extenuating circumstances, a thing that the rule page states is used should be considered. 

The 3 day, 10 points in combo is the real issue I have as it doesn't really show any form of consideration toward the extenuating circumstances of this situation. Furthermore within the report verdict the closing line says; "In future, you should be more aware of your surroundings, so you can avoid shooting bystanders." this is once again giving no consideration to the moment, a moment in which several men are crowded around and amongst the people who just initiated on us.

I believe that this incident took place during a hostile exchange between Myself, Juggs and the people at Stary. We had been initiated on and at that very moment the roleplay had turned into a firefight. With that in mind the Invalid Kill should be reduced to Invalid Kill (Firefight) [2 day ban, 5 points]

I would like to also leave this here;


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: From the outset of this situation I made my PoV clear that in the moments that ensued after the initiation on myself and Juggs, I had backed away and allowed a few moments to pass before raising my weapon and shooting at the few people I identified as hostile to us (At the time I saw two to three lads, the others I didn't otherwise I wouldn't of been so brash) and did so in third person, of course the server has no cross hair in this mode so I had to make a judgement call as to where to aim. If you watch the video closely you can see that when I initially pull the trigger It instantly hits the OP in the back the head sealing his fate instantly, if you then watch on you'll see that just before his screen goes black I drag my aim away from him and to my intended target.

Weather in this moment the OP had a gun in his hands is somewhat a side point, the man was stood amongst the group not away, from my PoV he was surrounding Juggs and would've surrounded me had I not of slipped behind them in the moment. Furthermore when the report first appeared I made contact with the OP as I personally thought this situation could of easily been handled on a personal level, given that there was no blatant intent in my actions and I was nothing but apologetic for what had transpired, but, and of course he's within his right to do so, the OP never responded he simply left the conversation, this to me came as a bit of a shock as I often see and know from experience that talking a situation out can often help both parties involved but to be thrown aside so coldly and then to receive a punishment that takes no consideration of the nature at hand was truly a shock.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I want to be as transparent as I can, the guilty verdict in it's truest form is correct, I could argue to the cows come home that it's not just but I digress, I'm not here to over turn the verdict I personally would like to see either the warning points given to myself (10)reduced to a more suitable amount say (5) and/or the number of days banned reduced to better suit the extenuating circumstances of this situation. (Invalid kill - firefight)

What could you have done better?: In an ideal would I'd have been able to pick out the specific targets from a crowd and only engage them effectively without any incident and casualties on a third-party. As for my actions OOC, here on the forums I feel I have conducted myself well enough, reaching out to the OP to talk and ensure him there was no ill intent is only respectable if nothing else.

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The staff team have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. In the report the OP was unarmed and backing away once the time initiated. As you then fought back you managed to gun down the OP in the process. Now since this was a firefight by this point with members from both groups engaging exist we've decided you should have been punished with firefight kos, therefore your punishment will be reduced.


Appeal accepted. Ban reduced, points remain. 

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