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Summer is here, folks.

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**Lincoln sits down against a tree in his small, yet cozy, campsite with a friend. He fishes the radio out from his bag and turns it on, pressing down the PTT, his Aussie accent travelling across the airwaves**

"Well, Summer is here folks. Things are getting hotter, the dead are getting smellier, you'll be getting sweatier."

**He chuckles, shrugging to his mate before speaking again.**

"Haven't done this kind of thing before, but I felt like being helpful, there are good yet naive people out there. Makes sure to stay clean, wash when you can with soap and water, I know that it's diffucult sometimes but you'll thank me for not getting heat rash, or worse, chafing in places you don't want. Drink lots of water too, heat stroke can sometimes sneak up on you and that's real dangerous these days. Oh and please wear lighter clothing, I had to swap out my jacket for a t-shirt, and you lot should do something similar, at least just stash it in your backpack for when it gets a little overcast."

"Long story short, look after yourself. Don't let greed or ignorance kill you, I'd rather carry a bottle of water over a magazine. You can get material things back over time, but you can't come back from the dead. Lincoln out, be safe."

**He releases the PTT button, putting the radio aside incase anyone replied, taking a swig of water himself and scratching  his neck.**

"God I hate summer.."

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