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Arthur Salinsky

The first days

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Dearest Clara,

I've made it across yet another border without you. I finally grow closer to our sweetest Mari. Chernarus this country is called, the final leg to get over to Utes. 

I've met some nice folks the last few days, namely Cern, a guy who caught me stealing from him. He forgave me, and offered me a place for the night. It truly seems that the people surviving here are growing closer together. There's still tales of horrific acts, but thus far I have been able to avoid those responsible. 
It's as if the people here tell ghost stories, to keep you out of the woods at night. 

There's speak of religious extremists, of those who follow the religion of peace. Speak of slavers and those who make people into their play thing. Others that I met search for their own ways of coping with how life is now. Some read the bible quietly at night, others sing loudly in the streets. I am making steps too, with coping my loss of you. I met a doctor, a psychiatrist named Kevin. He says to understand my grief, and he is willing to help me get through.

I've heard news about Utes too, it's said all boats and ships have left. Utes my not have been hit by the infection yet, and there's word of Americans still operating there. Mari may well be safe there. Under care, provided for. 

I am currently held up in a trader camp, there's warmth here, supplies, and many folks to talk to. I have all I need to survive for now, my sweater is getting worn out, and shirt has started to fray. 

It seems even without you my dearest.
I have made it another day. 

Till we meet once again,


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