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Prattle of a Paddy. (Nial's Journal)

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Day unknown, month unknown, year 20-something. First Entry.

Met a group of folk based down in the gas station in Kamenka today, first group I've spoken to for a long time... Also first group I was sure wasn't the shoot first kind too. They seem friendly enough. Strange seeing it after so long; compassion, feels alien now. Got a good deal of food from them in exchange for the hammer and nails I'd picked up. Seems my habit for lugging tools around may pay off. Did not intend to stay, to speak, was caught by surprise. Megan.. Meghan?.. Gave me a fright when she emerged from the trees near Kamenka, we traded things and I left.

Almost immediately bumped into another group, more armed and less friendly, asking where I was going. Why do they want to know?
Warned me of people vanishing, said I should 'be careful'
Be polite, always be polite, do what you have to. Be polite, be generous, be scared. Trust nobody.

Went to gas station close to Southwest checkpoint, saw some others relaxing there from the road. Thought they might be with the second group. Learned they were who Meg(h)an was with. Fire, food and music that night. Almost felt normal.
Have not met all of them but might hang around for a few days, help scavenge to pull my weight.
Unsure if they have a leader, but Officer Scott seems to command a certain respect from the others. He gave me this old journal, cannot read previous entries, not in English.

Said Lord's name in vain today. Seek recompense: one Our Father, five Hail Marys. 

(Thaaaank you @Chief @Chaostica @TurtleTax @Shikaka and whoever else it was, my first proper RP in DayzRP and you guys were great. I'm sorry I didn't catch everyone's names who was at the gas station)

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Day unknown, month unknown, year 20-something. Second Entry, 3 days since my last entry.

Went on a trip to scavenge with the rest of the Gas Station group the morning after I met them, they are still attempting to decide on a name it seems. Many hands make light work, it was all far less stressful then I am used to. No sneaking, no hiding, no begging for the monsters to go away.
On our way back they saw smoke coming from a nearby field, it led to a military helicopter. No sign of the pilots, I hope they are okay. Looted what we could, they didn't need it anymore.

They have been quiet today, the camp is so empty, 

Two different people stumbled across the station while I was in Kamenka.  Avoided the first one. Spoke Russian(?) into radio, or Chenarussian? Unable to tell. Trust nobody.
Other surprised me in Kamenka, said he'd found himself there after being wounded, spoke of conditions up in the north. Mafia and Slavers, humanity is doomed so naturally we start killing each other. Helped him get supplies, gave him a gun I'd found. 
Stood by while he took from the Gas crew, both of them, too scared to speak up, claimed I've never met them. Can never be too careful. Introduced himself before he left. "Lockwood. Dean Lockwood. The leader of the Mafia."

My feet are starting to itch, I'll need to go on a walk soon. Must not let people think they know where to find me, cannot trust them, working together, asking where I am from, where I am going. WHY DO THEY NEED TO KNOW?! 
Might go up north, to the Sobors or to Novaya. Had to learn names from the Gas-Stop group. Tourist map impossible to read. 

Stood by and did nothing, never told the crew. Seek recompense!: Two Our Fathers, 10 Hail Marys, one Glory Be.

(An interesting way to meet you @Joah but thank you for surprising me with some nice RP during a bit of a quiet day. Hopefully see you again soon.)

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Day unknown, month unknown, year 20-something. Third Entry, 2 days since my last entry.

Was away from Kamenka for a couple of days, took a walk out and about and I feel... better. Pavlovo, Zelenogorsk, Stary Sobor, up to Novaya and back again, over to Gorka and followed the coast back home. Haven't walked that far for years, lungs felt like they were burning. 
Bumped into somebody in Zelenogorsk, asking questions about his friends after he locked me in a room. Thought I was somebody else, who attacked them over in Chernogorsk.
Found a camp in Stary Sobor, they said they were arms traders, let slip I'd found nails. Traded for them, they gave me ruined shotgun slugs, heard him tell his boss that he had so I dumped them and left. The man asked his boss if he should follow me so I ran. I first went to Novy Sobor, then to Gorka. Spent the night at Gorka police station, zombies broke in during the night and I had to run, left everything behind.

Continued my path to the coast from Dolina, two people appeared behind me in a garage building. 'Asked' to see what I was carrying, took my ammo and the camo net I had found. Finally returned to camp and picked up my journal, decided to go to Zelenogorsk one last time, wanted to use my new shotgun on something. Attracted the attention of some people, don't remember names but I should not lock them out again. It might make them angry.

I write this now, locked in a shed in Pavlovo, it's too dark outside to move. Today has been very interesting.

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Posted (edited)

Day unknown, month un-- Oh who gives a damn. Fifth Fourth entry, 3 days since my last.

Where to even begin. Unsure what happened at the camp, awoke with nearly a day missing. Unsure what happened but found most of the tents and equipment gone, couldn't find anyone.

Thought I'd put myself to work, gathering from Kan Kamenka Had a visitor, said his name was 'Belgium'. Couldn't tell him much about our group, we haven't decided on a name yet and we just work together at what benefits us, no leader to order us about. Tried to be as polite as I can and he went on his way.

Then returned with some friends, this is why you shouldn't trust anybody. hopped the fence and threw me into the store with my hands tied. Said he 'didnt like what I told him'. Took my radio, the last of our automatic guns and one of his mates gave me the butt of his rifle, broke my glasses.. Can't see for shit, head's killing me. Something is bleeding.

Gave us an ul-- Ultmat-- Ul. Ti. Ma. Tum. Wants assault rifles, and mags for them, when they return in a week. Or else. Claimed to have 'more friends' to bring. Wankers.

Holed in up a church in.. Dro.. Pul.. Sos.. I don't remember. 

Feel faint. Need to sleep.

(And just a small reminder for anyone reading these, this is a journal Nial writes in. Not a radio transmission. After my first one I got held up by two people who said they 'knew' I had nails on me somewhere ((Which I didn't)).)

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Day unknown, month unknown. Weather feels like summertime, or it's winter and the climate's just screwed up. Fifth entry, 5 days since my last.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.

I find myself coming back to these words over and over, more and more, since the catastrophes all began. I've been convinced I was not a believer for years now, but now... I am unsure.
Though it could just be that I'm trying to find something desperate to cling to, some faint hope amidst the desperation.
As a concussion stole hours of conscious thought from me, as the cut burned with the rags and tincture pressed up against it, maybe it was due to the small town church I'd hidden in that I reverted to these words, if only to keep my thoughts occupied?

Given it's a Eastern Orthodox church, maybe my Roman-Catholic side is just working in a 'Eff You' to it?

I've been trying to keep myself busy lately, helping the.. Well we still don't have a name so just.. the usual crew? The ones I usually mention.
Oh, and been meaning to put this down to paper somewhere. Recent trips to Zelenogorsk seem to be.. interesting.

First a group that cleared out a mob of Infected that had me surrounded. 
I panicked and locked the door, whoever the speaker of the group was called, she didn't like that. Told me not to 'make her feel left out' again. Unsure who they all were, have no names of people or the group. Must be careful there from now on.

The second time I arrived in town just as a group I'd been warned of coming from somewhere northwards had entered, met an.. 'employee'? called Ace around the train stations. Unsure what to make of them, Ace fixed my backpack for me but.. unsure why, the rest seemed preoccupied by one of their group who was swarmed by infected not long afterwards. Perhaps a blessing? Still, whoever this group is (same as first??), have no idea where they may be, what they want... Can't trust them. Can't trust any of them. 

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Month unknown, day.. Feels like a Wednesday (explains why I'm in a mood today). Nobody likes hump day. Year 20-Who the fuck knows. It's been about a week since my last entry.

The group moved not long after the incident with this 'Belgium' person. This all had happened after the recent Zelenogorsk trips I'd mentioned, I merely had forgotten to journal them beforehand. On my way north to meet up with the others, given my recovery in Pavlovo's church caused me to fall behind, a 4x4 came down the other way somewhere around Grishino. It stopped and man got out, asking which way I was headed and introduced himself. Just my luck, fucking Belgium.

I quickly gave him the name 'Robert', it was the first thing came to mind, and said I was going north. He said he was heading the other way or he'd offer me a lift, I promptly thanked him for the offer and, once he had gotten back in the car and drove off far enough, went off-road and carried on through the woods. I admit I might have gotten lost at several points here.

Over the last couple of days, myself and Holzmann took a wander from the group's new place, stretched our legs to the nearest couple of towns and plotted a big circular route around the large military airbase. Felt going in there would only bring the wrong sort of attention.
After a while, up north, we came across a trading outpost built around a hospital. They seemed understandably cautious but friendly enough to trade some ammo and tools for medical supplies. At least we won't have to treat the next cut with just strips of rag and swearing. Holzmann mostly wanted information from them, while we know there are likely groups out there; such as the ones I met in Zelenogorsk on both occasions, we've no idea who they are or what they want. 

The Hospital group didn't know much but they said one name. The Toymakers. Warned us about them, seemed rather scared of whoever this 'group was too.
I guess I can only hope my luck holds out, and that I remain as unaware of them as I have been till now...

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3 Days since my last entry. I have no clue what day or month it is, to save the ink I'll not bother stating 'unknown' at the top.

I found a bible the other day. King James version to clarify, as I've seen maybe a dozen or so Orthodox bibles of the Eastern church in the past month or so. I don't know why I keep it, but...
Reading it brings some sense of normalcy to things. Like I'm back home, like I'm somewhere else, anywhere but Chenarus.

Anywhere but South fucking Zagoria.

I do not know if I believe, I hadn't believed since I was old enough to think for myself. None of it ever made any sense. But it's in English so, maybe it's just to have something to read I can understand?

I had a good run yesterday, found another helicopter between Pushtoshka and Lopatino. Steyr rifle, ammo, pouches for the military vest-thing. Dropped them off to a group I've come across a few times, not trying to win any friends with them and I feel like they just about tolerate me because I don't cause a fuss. 
It started raining while I was there, ended up with a small fire going inside and I nodded off for about 20 minutes. Woke up and there were a lot more people about, something had happened. Unsure what, fairly sure none of them wanted people to ask questions either. Ace was... shaken?

I say this while having to tell myself I don't know her, or any of them. But the excessive vodka consumption was a strong hint, she was oddly upbeat in a.. not in a happy way. How she spoke to me, spoke to everyone really, and this smell of.. saltwater? I wanted to talk to her, but what could I say? We're strangers, it's none of my business. By the time I looked up from my book she'd walked away. 

Way to go, Nial. That's how you be compassionate... you spineless prick...

I might travel for a bit, avoid the place for a few days. Don't want them thinking I am trying to loiter around. 

P.S: Robin is a very good debater, should look forward to having an intellectual discussion with her again... Also, keep eyes out for a defibrillator.

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Same day as last entry.

Bear with me here, Journal. This is going to be a long one.

But really, where the fuck do I even start with what happened?

Just one more day, Nial. Just one more before you go east for a few days.

If I had any idea what was going to happen, any at all, I'd rather have walked east through the woods. In the dark. Barefoot... And naked!!

I'd spent most of the early day going on another trip, Vavilovo to Vybor, through one town or another till I met some peculiar man by the name of 'Hans'.. Hanz?.. On the road around Kozlovka. Man sounded like he was a few SS short of a Reich, asking odd questions like 'Are you alone? Do you have any friends, anyone who cares about you?.. You won't find what you are looking for'
I went off the road after he left, roughed it through the trees and changed my route. Just to be sure nobody was following me.

Met a newly established camp, led by a man named Conor. Told him of Hanz, which somehow led into a talk about Alan Rickman. (Hans Kruber, Die Hard.. I almost forgot that movie), and then Galaxy Quest. How the hell did anyone expect, two years into a zombie viral apocalypse, I'd have a conversation about bloody Galaxy Quest?

Robin and Mallory happened to pass by while I was speaking with Conor and Mitch, turns out they were heading to somewhere I'd just been to. Luck would have it I'd picked up something they were after, Oxycodone for Ace... Not sure I want to know why she needed it, but I didn't ask, Maybe I shouldn't have handed over the bottle I'd found? Too late to take it back now.
Well, walked back with Robin and Mallory since I could unload some things, see if Ace got the Oxy, help Robin shift logs like last time (We ended up talking about Mel Brooks movies. If this world ever fixes it's shit, I apparently need to watch Young Frankenstein.)


When I was done with the work I'd leave, go east, give myself some time away.
Should've done that the day before, but noooo.. Just ONE MORE DAY I said.
I fell asleep again, too much work, too much stress, I should've left. I should've left. I should've left. I SHOULD HAVE LEFT.

Awoke again and at first things seemed normal, more folk were about, the ones called Alyssa and Derek were present. Feels like they run things. I be polite and help out, can't hurt to be cordial after all.
And then it all started...

It all seemed fine right up till the horde came. Not sure how many infected it was, 60? 70? 100? They seemed to be everywhere, and the last one was barely dead when we heard this terrifying howling. Wolves, a whole pack of them, 12 or 15? I couldn't really pause to count them. They were cleared up easily enough, though one wolf got my arm, shoulder still burns like hell.
After that, plus the rain and the approaching nighttime, people ended up going inside around a fire.
Ace dozed off into a drug-induced nap, everyone introduced themselves (There'd been a few new faces in camp at the time, an older woman called Agnes and a man called Vlad), and somebody decided to suggest we play Truth or Dare.

I've never, properly, played that game before. But honestly I was not looking forward to it. Seems I should not have worried since after two people had gone, and I was next, it seemed like the Gates of Hell itself opened up on the camp. Like something out of.. Fuck, pick a haunting movie. The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, The Amityville Horror.. I don't fucking know, just pick one! The whispers started, insane and unintelligible, the knocking, the sounds... Alyssa went mad, going on about 'The Broken' and naming chess pieces. The King, The Knight. The Bishop. The Pawn. Everyone locked inside the house was losing it, myself being one of them, while others searched the trees and the camp for a radio.

This seems to not be the first time it's happened. I thought I'd be safer inside, but maybe I should've taken my chances in the dark with the Broken. 
Alyssa was crazy, paranoid even, and having new faces around a paranoid person is never a good thing. They demanded to see my radio, they wanted to check the frequency. I'd taken the battery out of it hours ago, how could it have been on?! But apparently it was on 'their' frequency. The Broken's frequency. And Ace had told them she'd heard it on during the horde.

Thanks a fucking million, Ace. Remind me to hide my next bottle of Oxy.

If I had been sent to spy on the camp, why in the name of HOLY FUCKING GOD would I leave my radio on that frequency?!

They hauled me and this Vlad person off to Myshkino, put us in some maintenance shed and.. Fuck, well even though we aren't one of these  'Broken' we belong to her now, or them? The Toymakers. The fucking Toymakers. I have to do what they tell me, or else. Because some crazy fucked up group has been terrorizing THIS crazy, fucked up group, I have to suffer for it. All for the sake of one more day.

I don't know what is going to happen now. Now I know what this group is actually like, what they are capable of... God help me. Oh, and if you're listening, maybe time to be the smite-y angry God again? I've a few names for you.

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