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A message from The Time - Multiple Frequencies

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-Over the crackling dead air of a number of frequencies, a pre recorded message sounds, a quiet tapping of the receiver before the voice begins-

“Attention people of South Zagoria, this is an official message from The Time.”

-The voice pauses for a few moments and the idle chatter in the background can just barely be made out before the voice continues again-

“It has come to our attention that members of a Northern coalition have begun to remove civilian elements from the safety of their encampments and replace them with further resources for war. This coalition, the very same that follows the oppressive sharia law of the Muslim faith and wish to impose it upon all of South Zagoria, are on the war path. The leadership of The Time has always had an open stance on the repopulation of our current home and trade zone Stary Sobor, and abhor the displacement of those with no wish to fight. We as The Time will continue to accept new citizens into the protection we offer from those seeking to steal power away from the weak or those who cannot properly defend themselves. It is at this time do we formally invite all displaced persons from all walks of life to Stary Sobor, to live and work with us for a better future. This is a message not only for those alone and afraid and wish to seek shelter beneath the umbrella of protection we provide,  but small groups who seek a stable platform to grow and prosper and put up a fight against the growing Northern threat.

”All requests for housing and building permits are to be made through Time representatives, speak to one today before existing housing options are taken!”

-The air of the recording would grow silent for a few minutes before the message would start once more from the start, seemingly on loop over a number of frequencies-

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