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Mr. Blue

Looking for Groups or Traveling Companions

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*Brennen holds the PTT, letting his young and optimistic sounding voice speak into the radio.*

"Hey, I know everything's kind of a mess right now,

but I was just wondering if there's anyone out there that might need a helping hand.

I'm kind of down on my luck and in need of some type of purpose, if you could believe it."

*Brennen briefly chuckles between speaking despite the overall negativity of the apocalypse around him.*

"But hey, that's what I got to keep going on for! The people.

I probably sound corny and full of crap but I really mean it, 

if anyone needs some help and is willing to either take me in or join me in my search for

a good group of people, just speak up!

Not like I got anything much else to do."

*Brennen releases the PTT.*

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