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Diamonds final warning appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): no link for it

Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict and the final warning I was given was totally fair. I was not a productive member of this community. Since October I have changed a lot on the forums and my conduct in game. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have been active in game since October and been in 2 hostile groups and the UN. My conduct in the forums has been much better and I am no longer having a bad attitude. I have been doing everything I can to provide good roleplay for the community and be a good member of this community. I am working on producing realistic and fun roleplay for all involved whenever I get in game. I would say I have been doing a good job with that. I believe I have changed and deserve another shot at not being on final. I know that if I go back to my old ways my final will be reinstated or I will be removed from this community again. With that being said I strongly believe I will be able to continue my good behavior in game, on the forums, and on discord or anything relating to the community.  

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my final warning removed.   

What could you have done better?: I will continue to show my good attitude and continue to produce good roleplay that is enjoyable as well as follow the rules of dayzrp.  

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Greetings @Diamond, staff have looked over your appeal and come to a conclusion. Since returning on Amnesty in October, and subsequently using your singular caution in October, you've shown great growth as a player. Your ingame activity is decent, and over the last couple of months your forum activity has been well over average, with the prior months being decent as well. As such the admin team have decided to accept your appeal. Do be aware however that any relapse in behavior could result in your being removed from the community once more, and that amnesty is a one time blessing. Don't waste the opportunity you've been given.


Appeal accepted. Points removed


Signed by @Zanaan with notes.

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