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Melee/Firearm switching bug?

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I've experienced a bug a few times. I was trying to reproduce it for this topic last night, but wasn't able to do so.


It usually comes about when I am defending myself from infected with my fists, then quickly switch to a weapon and try to aim/shoot. I wind up getting stuck with my hands held up to my face in the 'defensive boxer' stance you get from backing up. Even with a gun in my hands. Any time I aim to try and shoot, I'm spraying bullets straight up into the sky while staring up, and no amount of mouse movement fixes it. It is locked up.


If you don't ADS and just try to shoot, all your bullets still go up. It leaves you helpless and unable to defend yourself at all as you can't melee, can't shoot them, and when you switch off weapons your hands are still stuck like that.


The only fix I have found is to log out. Unfortunately, this led to me dying twice yesterday as the infected don't accept me yelling 'time out' at them. 


Does anyone know if there is an in-game work-around without needing to log out? And has anyone else experienced this bug?


If I can manage to replicate it I'll post a video/screenshots of the bug.

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Guest Xehara
  1. Which weapons are you using when you glitch out? (IE, base weapons/moded weapons)
  2. Are there any other items you have on that are consistent with each encounter (modded in items such as clothing, head/face gear, etc.)
  3. Would you be willing to hop on the Test server to try and recreate this issue?

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1) IIRC, I was switching from my fists to a FX45 with mini-sight, silencer, and flashlight. Battery installed, full magazine. It has also happened when I was switching from my (now glitched) FX45 to a M14 (Wooden style) with ghillie wrap and 20 round magazine. That was once the glitch was already produced.

It happened twice, both times started when I was switching from fists to the same FX45.


2) At the time, I can not recall any items I was wearing that would have been modded. My outfit however has been identical, the only thing I've changed is my hat since then. (I haven't tried to reproduce the issue intentionally) EDIT: Oh, I am wearing one of those shemagh scarfs.


3) Gladly! I had a feeling it had something to do with trying to shoot/ADS while in mid-switch from my hands to a weapon. As in I was rushing because Mr. McBitey was trying to take my face off, so I was spam-clicking in the hopes of shooting him quickly when it happened. 

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I spent a good while on S1 attempting to reproduce the problem, and I wasn't able to. Not sure what I did the first few times, but when I get it again I'll shadowplay it.

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Answering my own problem here, I managed to clip an example of it the other day.




I fixed it accidentally by 'falling' off the fence. This error wasn't quite the same (Normally when my hands go up and I 'aim' it doesn't look at the zombies, it looks straight up where the barrel is pointing). However later in the day I got the bug again, with that full issue in aiming, and was able to resolve it by just jumping. You won't be able to swap, shoot, or defend yourself but if you jump/fall/or go into an animation it seems to reset it.

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any way of forcing your character to do a different movement action involving the hands suld fix it

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