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A message to Chip and his people.

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*out of nowhere the radio starts to life, a deep and thick african voice would start to talk amd boradcast his message to the world*

Salam aleikum Mr. Chip, or whoever of your people is hearing this. 

*you can audibly hear the talker taking a breath*

My name is Dembe Kazubo. I am one of Mister Dean's men, I am part of the Mafia in Novaya. I am here to tell you that you are not safe in Chernogorsk, people are repeating to harass you and they will not stop. They will continue to take your peace and hinder you to provide to the people of this country, stopping you from completing your goal.

Me, us, the Mafia, our allies... We are ready to protect you and provide you with a safe place for your trading. I know your people have started building up, but never finished. We have secured the area and are ready for your people.

*a longer pause when the radio stops transmitting, followed by another spark of life*

Let us know when you can make your way here and if we can help you. I promise you with my word you are safe here.

Fee aman illah Mr Chip.

*the radio stops transmitting*

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*Listens in into the the message he swiftly grasps his note book and starts to write it down before standing up and running out of his tent After a couple of minutes he returns and speaks into the radio.*

"You know this is on the public frequency right?"

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