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Our only warning to deh good people of Chernarus.

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*Alexei scowls and presses the PTT*

You come from Haiti to "take back what is yours"? Are you okay? Chernarus took nothing from Haiti... I'm surprised anybody from Haiti even is alive...

*His demeanour improves, he sounds cheery*

Whatever. Good luck crazy people!

*Alexei releases the PTT*

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*Bobby picks up, laughing a bit*

"With fire and Blood you said?"

"I mean, okay, like the other man said: Goodluck."

*Hangs up*

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A piano medley can be heard as the transmission comes to life.



https://puu.sh/DAWhd/a667b6bb7d.mp3   Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You" Piano Cover


A Southern voice would pop up as the piano continues to play.

"Now now, seems like when you were surrounded earlier today with superior fire power, your mission seemed to be the last thing on your mind.  You seemed more intent on showing everyone your pretty face than anything.

Trying to take over this land is a fool's mission, you'll die a quick death if you continue these threats...as the good book says, "The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the LORD will prosper..."

Also...you guys should really take a history lesson or two...and look at a fuckin' world map.  You're no where near that shithole you came from."

The piano medley would continue for a moment before the transmission would end.

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He pushes his PTT

"Already chopped off two off your fingers pal, you're full of shite, keep your warnings coming as thats probably all you'll do" 

He pauses, releasing the PTT

"Good luck, I feel you wont be around for long" 

He laughed just before releasing the PTT


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