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Bobby's Journey so far

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Part 1 Bobby had started his journey meeting Ali or "horse" who had told Bobby of a place called green mountain where a small group had been set up. Bobby and Ali had traveled there where Bobby had met the leaders of this new group named Sam, Karmen, Roland, and Casey they had been talking to a man name known as Wolf that was being enlisted to work in a radio position. Bobby would soon after find that Wolf was sick with the infection and was close to turning he told this to Bobby on a supply run near the settlement and ask for Bobby to protect him. Bobby had viewed Wolf as Bobby closest thing to a friend that and Bobby was not good and making decisions and had promised that Bobby would protect him with his life. Bobby's decisions would soon prove to be near fatal when mercenaries had come claiming the Russian (or Chernarussian I can't remember) Government had put an order to take Wolf for Studying. the mercenaries and threaten the camp with a large scale raid that a camp with such a small military force would not be able to defend if they did not give wolf up which had left the only leader at the camp Casey with the choice of calling their bluff and/or fighting or giving them wolf. Bobby and many of the people in the camp did not want to give up wolf but Bobby had made a promise that Bobby intended to keep so after an hour of debate Casey decide to let them take Wolf and told Bobby that they were just gonna check him and not take him as to let Bobby's guard down but as soon as Bobby saw that wasn't the case Bobby had Pulled his weapon threating them and telling them to leave Wolf alone. without any of their responses they had all pulled out their guns and were about to just gun Bobby down there and then however Bobby within milliseconds had realized he was heavily outnumbered and surrounded Bobby Dropped the weapon in a panic freaking out and surrendering to them begging for his life however because of Bobby's actions the mercenaries seem to have just been so fed up with dealing with Bobby they had just said "Fuck it we are leaving its not worth it" and left well leaving Wolf. Bobby had succeeded in saving wolf and from then on Bobby knew he had to join this Group to continue protecting him and they had allowed Bobby in for saving Wolf as well Bobby had just one problem Casey who Bobby Believed was a traitor for trying to give away Wolf and Bobby knew he would be a traitor in the future as well.

I plan to Continue this documentation of Bobby's Journey (mostly so I can remember everything Bobby has done or is important to him)

If there is anything you would like to add from another POV or correct me on something feel free to tell me I would love to know more about the events that have happened to Bobby from other views as well thank you.

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