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Grachi might be hurt ( open frequency)

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*Kevin presses the PTT*

” hello this is Doctor otor Kevin Shock, please be on the look out for the old man known as Grachi. I was talking to him on the radio when it sounded like he might have fallen down or off something. He was last up north I believe and I also believe he might be extremely hurt. He will not answer his radio. Please keep and eye out, he is a tough son of a bitch “

*with a worried voice at the end Kevin realises the PTT* 

“ you best be alright you old bugger “ 

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*Alexei frowns and presses the PTT*

He is tough man but you say you are worried about him being hurt?

Sounds like he is not as tough as you thinking. And he make us wait in town for an hour while he yells at my friend...

*Alexei releases the PTT*

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Yelena responds casually. The chernarussian woman would respond.

"Old man pretty strong.

He was on radio few hour ago. 

Or he fell like said.

Or the same situation that happen twice, happen for third time by his valentine.

Eh should respond soon."

She lets go of the PTT.


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*Bobby picks up*

"It be a shame if something happened to him..."

*Bobby cuts off*

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