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Terror warning: South Zagoria oblast

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Pavel speaks up in English. While the words seem a tad muffled, indicating bad transmission quality or perhaps a mask of sorts, you can likely assume it's a Slavic accent. Chernarussian? If the accent doesn't give it away initially, surely the rest might, content-wise.

The following is slightly more collected or distanced in terms of intonation, like a spokesperson on the news reading a text.


<:: "Attention please. Given recent developments and as... impromptu local spokesperson, I hereby state the following:


1) In addition to the current hazards presented by the infection and roaming hostile groups, a travel warning is issued for South Zagoria oblast. Inexperienced refugees or survivors are advised to leave the region westwards or bunker down. If you remain, you are at an increased abstract risk due to terrorist elements operating in this area.

2) The Republic of Chernarus rejects the idea of a terrorist-run Caliphate suppressing the rights of free men and women, even if it is in South Zagoria that may currently be out of effective reach of both national and international peacekeeping or military forces, but formally remains within Chernarussian borders and thus our responsibility.

3) People of Islamic faith are hereby strongly asked to distance themselves from any extremist groups. Do not let these people slander your good faith and religion in the name of their bloodthirst. If need be, leave the region until conflict subsides. Associating with these terrorist elements bears the risk of being targeted in counter-strikes.

4) The remaining survivor populace is now being addressed: Please relay any useful information on Islamic terrorists or their supporters including names, aliases, descriptions, hideouts and number of fighters. You are also advised to coordinate amongst each other to optimize combined efforts in countering the threat. Notable information can be transmitted on this channel.


Thank you for your attention and stay safe. Out."



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