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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-07, 09:18
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S1 - Combat Log and Ghosting - 8:45 ish

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Server and location: S1 Stary Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8:45 ish, my death logs will show

Your in game name: Fyodr Belokov

Names of allies involved: 

Name of suspect/s: No Clue

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 



Detailed description of the events: I log in and a man is sawing open our base's front door, I ask him what he is doing multiple times and he continues sawing. I smack him with the butt-stock to cancel his animation and prevent my lock from getting cut. I ask him why hes breaking in, he says "for the people", I ask the people in town if they are with him, as I turn back the guy mag dumps me. My boys eventually get there but do not find him, what they do find is someone logging in and out in the back of our shop taking our bags and backpacks. The steam name we see logging in and out is "Dirty Troller" or something. I believe the guy that shot me is the one ghosting, and if not, then someone was still ghosting into the back of our base again, I through up a //ts shortly after the logging was happening. The kill on me may or may not be valid, I am not too sure as I bopped him once with the butt stock, stopped hitting him and questioned him as to what he was doing, only to be sprayed down a few moments later.

edit: the guy who killed me stepped forward, it was @Killsceamguy




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Connection Logs

05:45:47 | Player "Steven Ice" is connected
08:02:51 | Player "Steven Ice" has been disconnected

07:42:31 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
07:58:20 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected

07:48:42 | Player "Tony Montana" is connected
07:51:37 | Player "Tony Montana" has been disconnected
07:53:09 | Player "Tony Montana" is connected
07:53:51 | Player "Tony Montana" has been disconnected

08:20:14 | Player "Tony Montana" is connected
08:21:11 | Player "Tony Montana" has been disconnected
08:51:06 | Player "Tony Montana" is connected
09:09:39 | Player "Tony Montana" has been disconnected


Hit Logs

07:44:40 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" hit by Player "Steven Ice" with SK 59/66 from 3.48565 meters 
07:44:40 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" hit by Player "Steven Ice" with SK 59/66 from 3.48896 meters 
07:44:40 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" hit by Player "Steven Ice" with SK 59/66 from 3.51096 meters 
07:44:40 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" hit by Player "Steven Ice" with SK 59/66 from 3.57006 meters 


Kill Logs

07:44:40 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Steven Ice" with SK 59/66 from 3.57006 meters 


Position Logs

03:19:23 | Player "Tony Montana" (pos=<6063.4, 7851.6, 301.0>) 
07:49:44 | Player "Tony Montana" (pos=<6064.2, 7850.9, 301.0>) 
08:49:50 | Player "Tony Montana" (pos=<6062.2, 7846.3, 301.0>)


Calling in for POVS:

@G19RP | Fyodr Belokov | POSTED

@Killsceamguy | Steven Ice | POSTED

@Spikey | Tony Montana | 

There are no logs showing of @Killsceamguy logging into S2 after the situation.
However, why did you log 18 minutes and 11 seconds after the situation?

@Spikey can you please explain to me how you got into the store when it is completely bordered off?

To both parties - Please list any allies you may of had in the situation.
Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV as well as any VIDEO EVIDENCE you may have.
Thank you.


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@Mademoiselle I found the steam profile that was logging in and out around when we //ts'd in chat.


He is also known as Spikey in the past, which is @Spikey. I have been messaged in the past few days about him and his group ghosting into other peoples bases. Keep in mind that Killscream did not do the ghosting, it was a different guy in the back of the store. From what I have seen I do heavily believe it was @Spikey and co.

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Logs updated

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Please bare with me im currently busy doing things I will post my pov within a few hours. Once again greatly apologize to you @G19RP as you know I have intentions to help I have returned your weapon to one of your allies this morning and suicided my character. 

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Basically, this all happened because two hours prior to the situation I consumed a fat brownie but must've taken to much because I felt like shit and out of control on days. Two Hours prior I was running around searching for a car when finally an hour before said incident I found one and drove it just 15 min before crashing resulting in me raging and respawning as fast as possible to find another car. I ended up as a woman when I respawned and was in no mood to kill my self so I said fuck it and played my alter ego clandice. I arrived in stary 5 minutes before a bunch of them left for some mission and I was gonna wait for one of their people to come back and speak with me again as I was they're earlier with some IC info. Upon roaming their base I spotted a car and was instantly flooded with adrenaline some dudes shortly after seeing me run around looking at it offered to steal it with me ( I did not catch their names), this combined with my unsober mind drove me to make a stupid attempt at breaking op's base door to try and find some car parts. In the middle of sawing, I did not notice the op approach and only noticed him after being hit with a rifle but. Then op proceeds to question me and what I'm doing and in the middle of him looking off at the other players I draw my rifle before he got a chance to shoot me for it and shot him 4 times. From this point, the other two who offered to help me were not to be seen at all after this and I ended up running to the forest right next to stary and just sat still for 20 min or so before shutting off my pc because I felt like absolute dog shit and it was 4 am for me. I greatly apologize to all those involved and fully understand the wrongdoing of my actions. I returned this morning to give back the gun I stole from the body and nothing else was taken by me. I then proceeded to suicide the character so I can fix it to the proper model like I should've done originally. I personally was not ghosting and have no affiliation with the individual who did. 

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Hello, So i'm not involved in this situations, but i see the connection stuff but i had gotten into the store and then hopped into the back because I was trading with them and the situation happened and went in the store part. and then my game had crashed and I decided to not get on and then the queue was super long and then I had logged into server two because S1 was super laggy and I decided to run away and get off again and then hop into server one once the queue was lower and my base is on server 1 as well so decided to do that

Edited by Spikey

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@Killsceamguy you will be punished for combat logging, due to logging out 18 minutes only after killing G19. Next time make sure 30 minutes have passed, thank you.

@Spikey - it sounds quite funny and suspicious that suddenly you had issues that placed you into a "queue" and then you magically have to log into the server without the walls. This is not allowed and you clearly used it to gain an advantage. 

@Killsceamguy - Combat Logging - Guilty

@Spikey - Ghosting - Inconclusive


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