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Don't Trust the Muslims... They're Coming

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*Harrison washes his back wounds with some water and presses the PTT*

"I heard you fine folks rid the country of some more Muslims. Good. They... captured me. I had to lie to them so they didn't cut my head off."

"They're coming for all of us, while I myself cannot pick sides I hope they get the fuck outta here quick so I can do my job."

"If any of you Muslim pricks are listening, fuck you. I have wounds and scars on my back that will never go away."

"hal taetaqid hqana 'anani sawf 'andum 'iilaykum baed kli ma faealtumuh bi? kunt mukhtiana ... khati jadana. shukraan lajamie min almaelumati. sawf astakhdamah bihikmatin."



haltaetaqidhqana 'ananisawf 'andum 'iilaykum baed kli ma faealtumuh bi? kuntmukhtiana ... khatijadana. shukraanlajamie min almaelumati. sawfastakhdamahbihikmatin."//
You really think I would join you after all you did to me? You were wrong... Very wrong. Thank you for all of the information. I will use it wisely.


*Harrison finishes using the Qu'raan with English translations, that the Muslims gave him, and leans back.*

*After his campfire is full of life, he spits on the book, and throws it into the fire.*



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*Bill reaches into his pocket to pull out his radio, pressing down the PTT*

"Fucking pigs man, I swear I saw a few of 'em eating pork the other day - tried to bust into our camp and steal some shit, the boys had to teach 'em a lesson earlier."

"They won't be a problem much longer friend."

*Releases the PTT and returns cleaning his M4*

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Sheikh hears the man on the radio and scoffs 

You idiot, you fall right along with the woman who act tough over the radio but are afraid to approach, and to you Tamam, your wife will never see you again she is resting in Jana while you will lose your head and fall into the depths of hell.

Sheikh shakes his head


Sheikh sets down the radio and finishes setting up iftar for the Jihadis of Jaysh Allah.

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*Ahmed hears the broadcast*

I wish it did not come to this brother. I wish you could have joined us in Jannah.

*Ahmed turns off his radio*

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