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Issue With Characters Full Name

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Hey there! So I've followed the guide in fixing the, "This is not your active Character!" issue, and I think I have an idea on what the problem is. In  the "Characters" section of the forum It asked for my characters full name Which is " Lucas J. Townsend" however, I had to put "Lucas Townsend" because It would not let me add the "J." section of the name. I believe this is creating an error when talking to the white list for the server, as my characters name is " Lucas J. Townsend" under the parameters section. If someone could help me out, I'd love to be able to play!




Edit: Just realized that this is posted in the wrong place. Sorry!

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Guest Xehara

Make a new character page with the J removed because you can't edit character names. Copy everything over, set it as your active character, and put that in your parameters. Should fix the issue. If your cooldown is locked just PM me with a link to your profile and I'll reset it since this issue is an error beyond your control.

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That seems to have worked. Thank you very much.

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