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Grachi and dialogue with glass bottle

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Denis is standing im crowded airport terminal, holding his black suit jacket on top of his arm looking at his pocket watch nervously. The longest pointer ticking the seconds away, making the atmosphere oppressing. He lifts his gaze and the terminal is empty. Void of sounds and life. The runway that had planes taking off, gone. Like they never were there. He turns around, squinting his eyes trying to see someone. Anyone. He takes few steps forward, turning his head from left to right, feeling of distress growing deeper. He walks past corridor, turning right when a sight makes him stop there and then. 

He looks at an older woman sitting on the lounge chair, looking directly him in the eyes. The woman smiles warmly, mischievous look on her face. Denis blinks few times not believing his eyes. He averts his gaze from the woman back to his watch. The ticking has stopped. He feels a breath on his ear, making him yell in fear and turn around, to face the woman that just had sat in front of him. 

"Hey there, Denis." She speaks in malicious tone. "It has been a while since we last saw each other. Have you already forgotten us? Your loving family?" The woman asks, taking few steps towards him. He takes few steps back, scared of the woman, only to be stopped by a cold, wet brick wall. It's raining. "Remember the day you lost us? It was raining." The woman reaches out to touch Denise's face, running her fingernail across his face. "Just like now. You said to yourself that you would never abandon us. But here you are... Alive and well." A lightning and thunder roar, blinding and deafening him. 

When his senses return it feels like it has been ages. Decades. His eyes dart around and he sees three figures on their knees, arms tied behind their backs, heads hooded with bags. His arms too are tied. The woman who spoke earlier stands next to him. "See. You promised to keep them safe too. Grachi... You are bad with promises. You just can't keep them, can you?" Three shots echo in the night, and three bodies slowly fall down, hitting the mud and puddles of water infront of them. He doesn't see their faces but he knows who they are. He yells but his voice doesn't come out.

"Grachi... You promised your heart to me remember? Only to me. And your daughters. But we died." She runs her hand down his cheek, to his chest next to his heart, fingers carefully caressing his bare chest and the stitches on it. "So you must join us." Her fingers dig into his skin, making the blood run down on rivulets before the pain grows too much and he...

Wakes up. Sweaty. Screaming. Calling out to his wife's name. Sasha. He looks around the room, looking for her. Tears slowly start dripping down his cheeks and he tries to stop them from falling. He stands up after a while, walking to a table with his wallet and a folder with pictures of people. Close and dear people. His new family. He looks at the pictures of them, and then takes out old ones from the wallet. His old family. He looks at both breathing heavily. There lays a loaded stetchkin on the table. Between his hands

Inviting. Waiting. Telling the sweet lies of relief. Chance to see his wife and daughters alive.

Just a squeeze. 

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Denis sits there. On the bed. Rocking himself back and forwards. Arms wrapped around his legs, head pressed onto his knees. The pain wont go away. It just keeps gnawing onto him. The peoples words keep digging deeper and deeper. He feels scared. Lost. Without a purpose. What if they are lying? Another flash of teeth gritting pain flashes into his head, as words of that woman echo in his ears again.

"Grachi, They are dead. You told that to me."

He whimpers in pain, tears streaming down his face. He tries remembering again so hard, fingers scraping the back of the head. Nails trying to dig deep, to gouge out the pain. But for naught. He holds his breath and tenses his body, to ease the pain, if only for few seconds. And it returns. He just falls down to his side, keeping his eyes shut. Moments later, he hears a voice. Familiar voice. Voice that he cares for and loves. He feels a warm gentle touch on his skin. The pain is fading away, all the bad things people said... disappearing into mist. He opens his eyes, and he sees his wife in front of him. She stands there and He lifts his hand to touch her. 

As his fingers touch the hem of her dress, his fingers start to tingle. Hurt. Like they would have been touching an open flame. He pulls his hand back, looking at it. His fingers are on fire. In panic he lifts his gaze to his wife who just sadistically smiles at him.

"You believe that woman, don't you. That we are dead? Your loving family?!" The fire starts slowly creeping up his hand, up to his arm, engulfing it in searing flames. "You know that we are alive, just waiting for you. You just have to fiiind uusss." She walks around the bed, mocking him with sadistic tone in her voice. The walls disappearing from around them. Just void around them. Darkness. Only light emanating from his burning body. Only sound his silent scream of anguish, and clacking of her heels and mean words. Suddenly, from the distance, a yell comes. Oddly familiar but... unknown. First quiet, then louder.

"Wake up, Grachi! PLEASE! Wake up! I need you! WE NEED YOU!!"

He snaps awake, yelling. He's still laying on the same bed. Head pounding like never before. The fever burning in his veins, making his body ache all over. His eyes move around the room, looking for the person yelling. But it's quiet. Only sound of rain can be heard through the broken windows, and drips on metal roof. After few deep breaths he looks at the stick of morphine on the table. What the doctor had given him. He takes it into his hands and stares at it, thinking what he should do.

Just a sting

To make the pain go away

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She's standing there. Arms crossed. Stale look on her face. She's tapping her foot onto the ground. He turns his eyes from her to the cliff in front of him. The cliff feels familiar. Like he would have been there multiple times before. There are sharp sting at the back of his head. Like a needle would be stuck in there repeatedly.

"So... Husband dearest. Do you remember now? Do you remember what you tried to deny. What you tried making yourself believe? What atrocities you did to us? She leans her head onto his shoulder. Sad tone in her voice. "But you are forgiven. You live on, and we wait you in here. On this cliff. This very cliff where it all began for us." He would peer over the cliff into the depths of the dark river running down there. The riverbanks filled with bones, corpses and crosses. His breathing would grow more shallow, sweat dripping from his face. He feels like he's suffocating. She wraps her fingers around his arm extending it, standing next to him, arm extended. Like they would be bound together. Suddenly, she let's go of that arm, taking a step back.

"They are waiting for you. See you soon." 

He reaches out to her, as she starts to disappear into the mist, rising from the river. He calls out to her, he reaches his fingers at her...

"Sasha..." His fingers curl around a worn out boot. He's laying on the floor, eyes closed, head feeling like it would split. There are people in the room, that claim to know him, but he knows them not. But they are taking care of him. Small moment of relief. But only small.

He opens his eyes, and looks up.

Vrach' Shock


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