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S1 - Ghosting - Stary Sobor - logs will show time

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Server and location: S1 and S2 Stary Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Was timestamped by Jak Onions

Your in game name: Fyodr Belokov

Names of allies involved: @OnionRP

Name of suspect/s: No clue

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No

Detailed description of the events: Some sketchy guy named Michael was hanging around town, then shortly after he disappears, Onion hears someone in the back of the store and confronts them only for them to log out, he marked this with a //ts in chat. I believe the guy ghosted into the back of our base with S2 and stole our items. I'm sure this could be found by seeing who logged out around the //ts and seeing if they logged into S2 and subsequently back into S1 later on.

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Connection logs


08:35:38 | Player "Michael Stonebridge" has been disconnected
09:01:54 | Player "Michael Stonebridge" is connected

07:08:08 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
09:43:25 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected

08:31:53 | Player "Jak Onions" is connected
10:50:20 | Player "Jak Onions" has been disconnected


08:51:42 | Player "Michael Stonebridge" is connected
09:01:30 | Player "Michael Stonebridge" has been disconnected


Chat Logs

08:36:15 | Chat("Jak Onions"): //TS


Calling in:

@Jaeger - Michael Stonebridge | POSTED
@OnionRP - Jak Onions | POSTED

For their full detailed POV's and any video evidence they may have.


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Hi everybody, Onionman here.

I logged in for the first time today; next to our camp in Stary. I hear footsteps coming from WITHIN our super not-so-secret base.

I immediately turn on my radio and say in-game; "Good morning - I didnt realize anyone was awake!" To which my comrade on the radio says "None of us in Stary are awake apart from you, Onion :/" (he didnt say 'sideways confused emoji' - that is merely an assumption based on the tone of his voice.

I used my super power "ethereal outer-body-experience vision" (initialized by pressing the Enter Key on my keyboard) and used it to peer through the window into our base.

I see a young gentleman roaming around in our belongings and say "Hey! Hey you! Hey you in there! What the fuck do you think you are doing?! Get the fuck out here right now mother fucker or you will be shot to death until you die!"

His response, which was a silent one, was to sprint into the corner of the room, out the line of potential fire, sit on the ground for 10 seconds, and then dissapear like David fucking Blaine had a love child with Yoshimitsu from Tekken.

I check all the entrances and they are all sealed, with padlocks and fences intact.

I timestamp with "//TS".

In my experience, I would suggest they used server two to ghost into our locked premises. Robbed from us by abusing the game mechanics. Avoided RP. And then combat logged, within 30 minutes of an initiation.

Not only was my immersion perverted, and my immediate enjoyment currupted by fraudulant and unfair play, but generally left a bitter taste in my mouth of which craved dank role play.

I would like to see those responsible held accountable for their actions. And i shall cooperate in every way to assist in this necessary justice being obtained.

Thank you and warm regards,

Lord Onion the second.


Ps; I am off on a spa break with my good lady tonight and wont be back until sunday afternoon. I have no video evidence, however I shall upload a LIVE ACTION RECONSTRUCTION on my return. Please tell me if this is not necessary before sunday 12pm noon uk time.

Edited by OnionRP

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Since it has been 24 hours, @Jaeger will be temp banned until the post a FULL and DETAILED POV.

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Hi there. I own the character named Michael Stonebridge.

I am a player from Singapore, just recently signed up. I just went for a short trip to Malaysia and just arrived back home to see this. So sorry that i have replied this late.

Recently my game has been having a few issues with the menu/server list being stuck on my screen whenever i load into the game or my game even starts to "peel" with multiple colours for some reason. I did encounter a few players that tried to RP with me but seems like i couldn't even type to them so i had to immediately leave to an isolated area around stary since that is where i last logged. So figured to do some trial and error to fix this issue by logging on and off between S1 and S2 to see if different servers had any difference at all and some doing/tweaking some settings with my computer. Problem comes and goes, no real fix on my end.

I had absolutely no intentions to do this method of "ghosting" to acquire equipment, unforunately i do not have any proof of any sort.  If i had caused any suspicion or inconvenience, apologies.

That is all! Thank you!



Just adding on that, periodically when im around and the shop owners or guards aren't around. I stick around to see who's in town to roleplay, did see some people wandering around in there that doesn't seem to be with the shop group. No idea how they broke in either, i just stay away to avoid suspicion or confusion that i may be a part of them. 

Edited by Jaeger
Additional Info

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@Jaeger, your temp ban has been removed. Please keep an eye on the forums for any other questioning.

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Thank you. I'll be sure to help keep a look out if any kind of this information comes up.

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You logged from one server to another to take someone's belongings where you normally wouldn't have access, therefore abusing game mechanics/ghosting. This is not allowed and should never be done. 

Logs prove that you switched between servers to gain access to walled off areas, thus proving that you ghosted. 

Next time, don't do that --- find another way behind said walls ICly and do not ghost/abuse the game's mechanics.

@Jaeger - Ghosting - Guilty.

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