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Questions about cars and base

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Hello, I have two questions:

1. Does vehicles dispawn normally? I parked a car inside my base and now it's gone.

2. Is base constructing allowed in both servers? Example: construct a base in server 2 and a gate in the same place in server 1 to avoid people transitioning between them to get inside.

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What Xehara said... It's always a good idea to build on both servers, because there will always be malicious players that somehow manage to get whitelisted on the server.

If you find any evidence or feel that someone has broken a rule, despite any hope of evidence, please file a report.


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I will also note that switching servers to get behind walls of a base is breaking rule 2.5 which can be seen below. 

2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot.

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