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S1 NLR break 11:56am

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Server and location: S1 Zelno Mil 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 31/05/19

Your in game name: Vania Bozik

Names of allies involved: @AndreyQ

Name of suspect/s: @Luda Kregonshy

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): uayfapfa.png.f474071a2419b4dafd1d997b809d67a2.png

Detailed description of the events: After meeting this gentleman in in zelno mil and the event's prior to this transpiring, I left the area and picked up the loot needed and headed off to meet @AndreyQand carry on our RP for the day, I was then @'d by this gentlemen with the above. Pretty sure this is a break of NLR, going back to the area where the his body and @AndreyQ was, I didn't die just to make clear if you would like to post that log that would be dandy. 

Thanking you 


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Not NLR because I maintained a good distance from where I died till about an hour passed, you both died right after I spawned, and I spawned in the same town.



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would also like to push for OOC hate towards myself and I would also like to point out the accused has deleted his comment on discord 

Edited by ne_om

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Connection Logs

07:55:29 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" is connected


Kill logs

08:40:47 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (DEAD) (pos=<2508.2, 5087.7, 193.4>) killed by Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<2507.9, 5090.6, 193.4>) with MP7 from 2.90674 meters 


Position Logs

08:43:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2966.0, 6222.8, 320.9>) 
08:48:11 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2975.1, 5716.0, 247.1>) 
08:53:11 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2660.2, 5182.8, 199.2>) 
08:58:11 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2742.7, 5176.5, 200.9>) 
09:03:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2508.2, 5089.0, 193.4>) 
09:08:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2504.6, 5112.8, 193.5>) 
09:13:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2506.2, 5078.7, 193.6>) 
09:18:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2505.7, 5078.3, 193.6>) 
09:23:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2476.2, 5138.6, 197.8>) 
09:28:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2513.3, 5075.2, 193.5>) 
09:33:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2712.9, 5169.8, 199.6>) 
09:38:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2712.2, 5164.5, 199.5>) 
09:43:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2720.2, 5167, 203.2>) 
09:48:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2712.1, 5169.6, 199.5>) 
09:53:11 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2518.2, 5100.0, 193.7>) 
09:58:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2491.1, 5102.8, 193.2>) 
10:03:12 | Player "Oleg Bohanon" (pos=<2594.3, 5077.4, 194.9>)

08:43:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<5437.6, 4403.3, 181.4>) 
08:48:11 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<5865.5, 4679.7, 146.3>) 
08:53:11 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<5443.3, 4736.7, 253.8>) 
08:58:11 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<4556.7, 4798.3, 273.3>) 
09:03:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<4393.6, 4623.8, 232.4>) 
09:08:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<5204.3, 3723.6, 185.2>) 
09:13:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<5888.9, 3040.5, 77.9>) 
09:18:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<6451.5, 2872.4, 11.7>) 
09:23:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<6574.9, 2328.4, 7.6>) 
09:28:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<6560.4, 2320.5, 12.7>) 
09:33:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<6786.4, 2751.4, 6.0>) 
09:38:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<7349.7, 2831.7, 6.1>) 
09:43:12 | Player "Andrej Kilian" (pos=<7220.0, 3019.5, 32.4>) 


@Luda Kregonshy - Oleg Bohanon

Post a full POV of the situation leading up to your death, and explain to me why you returned to where you died after only 13 minutes, and then stayed in the general area for over an hour?

@AndreyQ - Andrej Killian - POSTED

Please provide a POV of the situation leading up to Luda's death.

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Big sad.

Anyway, I'm out there in Zeleno doing some nice roleplay when my boy ne_om calls out that some guy is holding him up. So I quickly run jog there and I drop the lad a scope and then initiate on him. He goes "You know you can't do this." and then raises his rifle and shoots me unconscious but I shred him as well and he dies. Ne_om tries picking me up but a zombie was having none of it so I died and then regrouped with ne_om. 

I'd like to state that he went OOC din VoIP, telling ne_om that his mic ain't working and also told him that he put stuff in the tent and he is waiting for more loot to respawn in the barracks, although I wasn't there for it, unfortunately.




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@Onyx I was rushed by this person and told out of nowhere to put my hands up while I had a gun out. I shot him because I thought he was going to kill me so in fear of my life, I decided to fight back. I then respawned in the same town, but I didn't notice until I was pretty near my body which was a while later. I found their bodies and began looting them. As far I understood, NLR no longer applied to me because they were both dead (as far as I knew) and the situation was over.


However, I would like to point out a few rule breakings from the video.

1. When AndreyQ initiated on me, he did so when I had a gun out and was facing in his general direction. He had no regard for his life because I could have shot him as soon as he pulled out his gun. He initiated knowing I could've killed him first. Who pulls a gun out and tries to rob someone when they also have a gun out facing your direction? Rule 3.2

I would also like to point out the fail roleplay by ne_om. You can hear him talking in the video, at one point saying "He's trying to but I'm just running away." He was talking about me trying to roleplay with him, but he just kept ignoring me and running away, even though I had a gun pointed at him at one point. This breaks rules 3.1

I would also like to point out the constant metagame. While it's debatable that them using third party communication is metagame or not (even though I had a gun pointed at ne_om and he was ignoring me and just kept talking to AndreyQ using third party communications), that's up for the admin to decide. However, I would like to point that they used third party communications to give each other information while AndreyQ was unconscious. Now that, is against the rules. 3.5

Lastly, I would like to point out that AndreyQ died, but ne_om didn't. Yet he said he regrouped with him afterwards. If I'm correct, that's also NLR, isn't it? You're supposed to lose all your memories and ne_om still had attacker rights enabled when they regrouped (iirc) so he's inserting himself back into the same situation. Can we also get position logs as to where they regrouped? I'm curious as to see if they were in the general area where AndreyQ died.


Oh right, this,

"I'd like to state that he went OOC din VoIP, telling ne_om that his mic ain't working and also told him that he put stuff in the tent and he is waiting for more loot to respawn in the barracks, although I wasn't there for it, unfortunately."

is fake as hell. This didn't happen and I'd be happy to see proof saying otherwise.

Edited by Luda Kregonshy

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@Luda Kregonshy Do you have any video evidence?

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@Luda Kregonshy Perhaps I wasn't clear. Do you have any form of recording showing your perspective of any of the situation, yes or no?

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Logs have been updated with AndreyQ's movements for 1 hour after his death.

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@Luda Kregonshy runs into the Zelenogorsk military compound after him and ne_om RP. @AndreyQ arrives at the same time, and after aggroing some infected, he gives @Luda Kregonshy a scope, before initiating on him, however he kills @Luda Kregonshy after he fires at @AndreyQ. @AndreyQ is then killed by infected.

Onto the rulebreaks,

First off, this is a blatant breach of NLR, as the logs show you run back to where you died after only 15 minutes or so, not around about an hour like you said when this report was put up. This leads me onto the next rulebreak. In this report, you have clearly tried to lie about how long you stayed away before reapproaching your body, and only came clean once the logs were posted. This will not be tolerated, as we expect all of our members to be truthful in their POV's in reports. However, we do not see your attitude towards @ne_om as OOC hate due to the limited exchange between both of you, but regardless, your attitude on discord and in this report has been nothing short of appalling, and you will not be in this community for much longer if you continue to have that attitude towards other community members. Because of these rulebreaks, and due to your attitude and behaviour in this report and on discord, you will be receiving an aggravated punishment.

Now, to address your accusations against @ne_om & @AndreyQ

That was not NVFL when Andrey raised his gun at you to hold you up. It was a 1v1 situation, and he already had his gun raised by the time you shot. Furthermore, your gun was never aiming at him, it was just in your hands. As for your accusation against @ne_om, without further evidence of your encounter with him, we cannot say whether or not he is guilty of any rulebreaks, due to us being unable to determine the circumstances of the encounter. Next, we do not consider that metagaming, as we cannot determine what @AndreyQ says to @ne_om, and the exchange is brief, and no significant IC information is exchanged between either of them. Finally, @ne_om regrouping with @AndreyQ is not breaking NLR, as the situation was over the moment you died. @AndreyQ never entered Zelengorsk or approached it after he died either.

In future, you must always stay away from the general area of where you have died, regardless of the cause of your death, and if you spawn near your body, you must vacate the area ASAP for an hour. Furthermore, in future, if you are involved in a report, we expect you to be truthful, and in addition, expect you to treat all members of the community with respect on DayzRP platforms.

The rules that support this verdict can be found below:


1.1 We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. Do not insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members.

3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after your death. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).

With that, the following applies:



Signed by: @Onyx, @Xehara & @BrianM


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