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Hello @Ch0p_Ch0p,

Unfortunately we can't give you the passphrase.The one thing I can suggest is read the rules page very carefully or read it out loud and you will find it. 

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Hey man, just like Saunders said, make sure to read through the rules thoroughly.

Read it again, and again until you find the passphrase - can assure you it is in there.

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Guest Deaytch

It is definitely there. We can't tell you the passphrase because it's different for everyone!

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A few tips:

  • Make sure you're logged into the forum.
  • If you refresh the page then the passphrase will move.
  • It is unique to you so none of use can tell you what it is.
  • Take your time, if you cannot concentrate then go do something else for a bit and come back to it.
  • This is the important bit - Speak every word out loud (it will become very obvious, so obvious in fact it's like you have been slapped in the face with a wet fish).
  • It is there.

Best of luck.

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We cannot give the passphrase.

I recommend you read the rules and lore out loud and say it to yourself instead of your head. You’ll eventually spot something.

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