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Message from the Mafia (For those looking to live and survive) Or those looking for the Mafia

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*Static can be heard and disgruntled sounds can be distinguished as sounds of saws and hammers are heard*

"This is Dean Lockwood of the Mafia, we are building a civilian safe haven in Novaya Potrovka in the Industrial Complex."

"All Civilians are welcome here, however, if you bring trouble, expect trouble in return..."

"Bring your families, friends, etc.. We will discuss living conditions sooner"

"Dean Lockwood out."

*Dean would sigh as the radio goes silent*


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:: A response would be heard a few moments later ::

"Is it just me or has anyone else heard this song and dance before?"

"I vaguely recall gunfights, sieges, people jumping off buildings. Something about a bear and a screwdriver?"

"Then there was a bomb in the school. Some 'El assassino' shooting people from the hills."

:: There is a brief pause ::

"Eh, why the hell not."

:: The transmission ends ::

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*Zaahid presses his PTT after letting out a deep sigh*

"Here we go again, saviour comeback times four, how long will it take until the entire region bands together and rallies a mob towards Novaya again and sieges it?"

*Zaahid releases the PTT*

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*Holds PTT*

So ehh can my "family" set up a nice little shop. Ye kno like a lil butchers or something?

*Releases PTT*

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He presses the PTT, smirking and gives a short giggle.

What was that saying that one loud man always belted out...


I've witnessed these things happen at a distance.

I can't exactly guarantee this will go well. But good luck. 

Steven releases the PTT

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*He presses the PTT and sighs before speaking*

"Don't listen to the others Mr. Lockwood, Novaya was the greatest city there was. It might have been under siege every other day but it was impenetrable if you knew what you were doing. Radio me if you need help in building it. I'll help you out and show you how we did it, if you'd like. Just give me a time and a plce to come up there."

*There was a pause, then he laughed*

"Sincerely, Savior scum."

*He released the PTT*

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*Reznov clicks his radio's PTT as he works on the cars in front of him, speaking into his shoulder with a kind, but gruff Russian accent.*

"Well, with all due respects Mr... Uhhh... Lockwood? Lockwood, да. Well, to put it kindly, Mafias don't haves a good reputashon in this province. The last one to come into memory-- the Moretti's-- did not have good... Record, with the common peoples of this place. So, while you may have good intentions--"

*You hear a -SNAP- and the sound of a piece of metal falling into an engine block.*

"Ублюдок! Черт, черт побери, дерьмо! Argh..."

*Reznov sets the wrench down on the roof of the car, picking up his radio to speak into it better. He lets out a deep sigh before speaking.*

"Looks. If you are trying to do the good as you do says, then very good to you. You make this place better, and you will find my respect in that. Howevers, if you are TRULY a Mafia as you also claim, then you must understand my own, and other's, worries. Regardless, I do wish you the best in your endeevors. Спокойной ночи. Have a good night."

*He clicks the radio off, ending the short broadcast.*

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*Dean's radio would chime back with a laugh behind it*

"I think with this new building material I'll be able to set things up exactly how it needs to be, thank Christ for that.."

"I'd like for Chip to open his shop here, and I already have close to 13 civilians making their way here... Hopefully, all works out"

"We have quite the large alliance working out recently as well"

"In reply, yes we are the Mafia, however, we have morals"

*Dean would silence his radio*

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