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Night Fire

I got reset

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When I made my character Yesterday, I forgot to set a birthday and was asked to change it, I did, but doing that reset my character (I think). I ended up with a fresh respawn, and lost all my stuff, (Which wasn't that big of a deal, just kinda annoying) But the main problem is that the random character generated is now female, IDK what rules are about anything but I don't know how to fix it apart from strait suicide

                       Thanks for any help



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There was an issue with characters database. if you jump off a roof and then log out and change the character though the main menu and then log in again. 


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Hello @Night Fire

First of all thank you for fixing your character profile for us. In saying that, it wasn't changing your characters profile that reset your char ingame. Unfortunately we had a database corruption causing everyones characters to be wiped. This is unfortunate and has never happened before but Roland has let us know that he will be backing up our characters every hour so that this won't happen again the future so it's nice to know that we have learnt from our mistakes! I want to make that very clear as you can always go back and fix your character on the forums without having any consequences to your in game character. 

Secondly, below is a guide that you can follow to fix your issue with having the wrong character model in game. 


If you have anymore questions/issues feel free to drop me a message and I'll be more than happy to assist you! 🙂

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