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A Message To The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S

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*Sergei would clear his throat and grab the radio off his belt*

"I do not accept false prophets into my country, nor do I let infidels invade just to plague the lands. I will give you dis one warning, and this warning alone."

"Leave de country. To spy, you need eyes. Eyes I will gouge out myself if you do not accept the warning and leave. This is your only chance."

"You are not de only ones watching."

"Slava Chedaki"

*The Radio Transmission cuts off*

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*Hunter would be sitting on top of one of the barracks in Troitskoye as he would just press the PTT to allow the sound of the Geiger Counter to be heard on the radio as he would then whisper softly with his Ukrainian Accent*


*He would smile as the sound of the Geiger Counter can still be heard until the transmission was cut*

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Posted (edited)

*Being on a related frequency the Mafia would chime in on the conversation, an American can be heard from the other side with an ignorant voice"

"Are you upset Chedaki? Can't control everything now, can you... You've made a lot of enemies recently, you'd had to add two more."

"Slava to the Mafia, Slava for freedom, Slava to Idealism"

"Friends have a common enemy"


*Laughter can be heard mimicking the S.T.A.L.K.E.R's reply as the radio falls silent*

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