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URGENT [Open Freq]

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*Clicks on the radio*

"H-hey, if anyone can hear me, my name is Leeroy... and I'm desperate."

*peeks out the front door*

"I'm stuck in the Church in Pogorevka, surrounded by infected, sick, and starving. If anyone is willing to give me a hand I am forever in your debt..."

*Clicks off the radio*

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*Flicking through the radio frequences Kyle hears a mans cry for help.*

*You hear Wolves growling loudly and banging/scratches what sounds to be on a door*

"I'd love to come help you my G but as you may be able to hear I'm in a bit of pickle myself."

*You hear him mutter under his breath* "If only I had bullets for this stupid fuckin thing" *you hear a gun being thrown on the floor*

"If I get myself out this fuckin mess i'll come save ya. I'm prayin for us both G"

*The radio transmission ends*

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Ivona presses down the PTT, her voice oddly cheerful, though her words were not.

"Well! I guess you'll both die then!"

She chuckles and continues,

"If you get mauled or maimed super, super bad and you're missing like half of your face or something super gross like that... Let me know if you need me to come finish you off!"

She releases the PTT.

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*Kyle presses the PTT and laughs*

"It's gonna take more den some wolves to kill man like Kyle boo boo"

*He releases the PTT*

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*Alex takes up his radio and responds*

"Need help huh? I can start making my way there, currently at Zelenogorsk. I can easily help you clear the dead but the starvation part will be a bit tricky since food seems to be a lot more scarce since the past few weeks. However, I'll keep an eye out and make my way to you my friend."

*He lets go and starts making his way over*

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