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groovy cali

Arma 3 tac-sim game?

What type of tac-sim operation?  

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Was thinking about hosting an arma 3 operation, got a fair bit of knowledge on arma editor and how to set up an op, so if anyone would wanna do one just let me know


A few scenarios I'm considering for each genre(PVE and PVP)

PVE(players vs. AI)

U.S. Army patrol into an Afghan city.

CIA deep-cover operation, civi-dressed contact inside of a held down apartment while a friendly QRF arrives to save a handful of operators.

Russian Spetznaz hostage crisis(minus killing the hostages)


and for PVP I was thinking;

U.S. vs Russia or militia in a large city. Think infantry battle.

U.S. vs Russia, large scale attack (jet vs jet, tank vs tank, infantry vs infantry, would need a LOT of people to make it done well)

NAPA vs. Chedaki, 2009 civil war.


And one that I would like to do if we can get a lot of people;

A three-sided negotiation like game mode.

BLUFOR(America) vs OPFOR(Russia), and a 3rd, independent party of militia (GREENFOR) that can do what they please.


Input? Interest? Let me know!

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a 3 way is the best way, let me be milita and just fuck everyones shit up 

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I'll do anything arma 3 :)))

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Just saw this thread but I would be down, always wanted to do a "milsim" type arma operation

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