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Minecraft server update [Modpack change]

Infinity evolved?  

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Posted (edited)

It is very clear that the current modpack we use (Feed the beast ultimate reloaded) has left people unsatisfied and turned away some others from playing. I can be partly to blame for that for not researching the modpack enough before requesting a server from it.

So I have discussed it with @Aiko and we have decided it may be better to potentially use this modpack:


This is a 3-4 year old modpack which contains around 175 mods of pure progression. Its got everything you would have remembered from the old era. Full mod list + link below:



Advanced Solar Panels3.5.1


AOBD 22.9.1

Applied Energistics 2rv3-beta-5





BiblioWoods Biomes O' Plenty1.9

BiblioWoods Forestry1.7

BiblioWoods Natura1.5

Big Reactors0.4.3A

Binnie's Mods2.0-pre14

Biomes O' Plenty2.1.0.1889

Blood Magic1.3.3-17


Brandon's Core1.0.0.11



Buildcraft Compat7.1.3

Carpenter's Blocks3.3.7




CoFH Core3.1.2-325

CoFH Lib1.1.1-181


Custom Main Menu1.9.2


Dense Ores1.6.2

Draconic Evolution1.0.2-Snapshot_9

Ender Zoo1.0.15.32

EnderCore0.2.0.31 beta




Extra Cells 22.3.9b188

Extra Utilities1.2.12




Forbidden Magic0.573


FTB Utilities1.0.17.6



Funky Locomotionbeta-7


Gravitation Suite2.0.3


Hat Stand4.0.0




Immersive Engineering0.7.3

Immersive Integration0.6.7

Immibis Core59.1.2

IndustrialCraft 22.2.815


Inventory Tweaks1.59-dev-152

Iron Chests6.0.62.742-universal



Logistics Pipes0.9.3.95

Magic Bees2.4.3



MineFactory Reloaded2.8.1-174

MineTweaker 33.0.10B

ModTweaker 20.9.5




NEI Addons1.12.14.40

NEI Integration1.1.2

Nether Ores2.3.1-22

Not Enough Items1.0.5.108-universal

Not Enough Resources0.1.0-121

Nuclear Control2.3.3a-Exist

Nuclear Control 22.3.4a



OpenPeripheral Addons0.5.1

OpenPeripheral Core1.3

OpenPeripheral Integration0.5

Pam's HarvestCraft1.7.10Lb

Portal Gun4.0.0-beta-6

Project Red4.7.0pre12.95


Redstone Arsenal1.1.2-92

Resource Loader1.2


Runic Dungeons1.1.6a

Simply Jetpacks1.5.3

Solar Expansion1.6a-Basic


Steve's Addons0.10.16

Steve's Carts 22.0.0.b18

Steve's Factory ManagerA93

Steve's Workshop0.5.1

Storage Drawers1.9.4


Thaumcraft NEI Plugin1.7a

Thaumic Energistics1.0.0.1

Thaumic Exploration1.1-53

Thaumic Tinkerer 22.5-502

Thermal Dynamics1.1.0-161

Thermal Expansion4.1.2-240

Thermal Foundation1.2.3-112

TiC Tooltips1.2.5

Tinkers' Construct1.8.8

Tinkers' Mechworks0.2.15.106



Twilight Forest2.3.7


Waila Harvestability1.1.6




I wish to change modpacks within the next 24 hours if its at all possible. Just so I can go back and start anew without wasting anymore time on the previous modpack.

If anybody has any disagreement, please post below. If not then I would kindly ask @DrMax whether it be possible to change modpacks tomorrow at 4pm BST 🙂

Cheers, all have a nice day!


Edited by Monday

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Yes, yes a thousand times yes to Infinity Evolved.

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I'd like revelation. But whatever it's changed to, please put the server on normal and not hard this time, it was brutal to get ping pong'd around by skellies and die in 3 shots.

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We simply need a bukkit server w/ the factions plugin and we're good to go. We'll have all the groups claim their territory and fight for power.

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Vanilla on hard with no protections, would be fun af but people just wanna play like they’re in creative.

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@Squillium would you be happy with Runescape style Stakes?

So two or more players decide on the mods they will use, if any, the 'stake' whether it be a dare, some item handover or something and then they beat each other senseless until one wins over the other 😄


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Down for the change to Infinity Evolved.

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37 minutes ago, Shepard said:

Down for the change to Infinity Evolved.

This. Whole reason I am not playing is because the mod pack for the DayZRP server is pretty awful. Please give us Infinity Evolved.

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Infinity Evolved is pretty dope. Yes please.

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Can we get Teleports? Just for qualitly of life.

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Posted (edited)
7 minutes ago, JimRP said:

If we can somehow remove tinker & teleporting, sure.

Tinkers stays. 

Edited by MRS Bradtica

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Why remove tinkers? Teleporting happens regardless, in this modpack you can teleport with certain mods.

Tinkers is AMAZING!

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, MRS Bradtica said:

Tinker stays. 


Infinity Evolved was so much more fun than this was. Found it very difficult to want to play this current modpack ngl. I'd play a lot more on the MC server if it was IE instead. 

Also i quite liked being able to teleport to my friends etc. It isn't really that big of a deal and is just a good QoL deal. 

Edited by Para

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If it'll make me go back and play Minecraft i'm down, i kinda lost interest when some guy fucked our base with taint shit 

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3 minutes ago, NozzyRP said:

If it'll make me go back and play Minecraft i'm down, i kinda lost interest when some guy fucked our base with taint shit 

|P sure that's to do with thaumcraft and that'd be in regardless,

Kinda fucked tho for someone to do that. 😞 

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@JimRP Considering the overwhelming reaction people had last time I suggested UR was "WE WANT TINKERS AND /TPA", I don't see the point in removing either of them. Tinkers is literally a pulverizer/macerator and teleportation is inevitable mid/late game regardless. 

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Infinity Evolved is 1.7 while Revelation is 1.12 and offers pretty much everything IE has but in an updated environment. We already had a IE server and it lasted about 2 weeks, why would we want the same pack again?

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I honestly am up for either, I just love Infinity because of the old mods they have and the mods I want.

Tinkers doesn't matter, people make quarries and get just as much done with those than with Tinkers.

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we want vanilla

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@Roland and staff,

As requested, the poll majority have asked for a change to an infinity evolved ftb server. I stated a 24 hour time limit for people to put their opinions in which has now passed. I would like to kindly make the request to change now if possible 🙂

Have a nice day! 

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But what about my builds 😞 I wasted all my time 😞

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Modpack has been changed to Infinity Evolved, everything wiped, server is up

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