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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-09, 05:42
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groovy nate

S1: GearRP, 2:40am EST

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Server and location: S1, Between Stary Sobor and Kabanino

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:40am EST, I believe.

Your in game name: David Anderson

Names of allies involved: N/A, or none.

Name of suspect/s: Dunno.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A, or none.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Uploading the video soon.

EDIT: Video uploaded, you can't hear my voice for some reason because I recorded it with shadowplay. Unfortunate, but it'll have to do for video evidence from my side. 



Detailed description of the events: I was heading back to Stary Sobor after an eventful day of walking around trying to find RP and was coming back from VMC, I approach Kabanino, fill up my water bottle closer to the edge of Kabanino, and then proceed to head back to Stary Sobor. Upon running halfway between Stary and Kabanino, I stumble into 3 men that I see, one approaching me and two staying in the field, walking closer towards me. I stop to have a chat, then suddenly shots pop off in the town. I noticed they were being kinda sketchy when they started surrounding me trying to act slick, so I said "What's the deal with you guys surrounding me all of a sudden?" They react in a way that makes me think, man, maybe they really were just spaced out for some odd reason when I'm hit with a gun pointed at me by the man in the cowboy hat, presumably their leader or group speaker, I guess. He tells me to lay my weapon on the floor, and I put it on my back, and am told to lay down on the floor, first crouching, then laying down once told to. I am then the subject of the most blatant and most bland gearRP when one of them handcuffs me, and then two of them approach me from behind to start looting me. They say nothing until I give a few brief questions, things like "Did you just want my gun?" or "Is there a reason you're doing this?" The man in the cowboy hat gives a very brief response to this while his friends continue looting me while I'm handcuffed, placing hats on me during the exchange and taking my helmet off and whatnot. They then proceed to uncuff me, ask me for their handcuffs back (lol?) and then they're like "Cya!" and dip. At no point during any of this were any of my attempts to RP with my hostage takers engaged with besides a brief two or three sentences to answer my questions asked and then boom, done. I ran off into a bush to check my bag, which it just looked like the only things taken from me were my helmet with NVGs, and my gun.

EDIT: I should make mention that I crashed twice in the amount of time I, as a hostage, am supposed to wait my 30-minute timer. This should show in the logs.

I'm not even mad about the things they took from me, I'm just more bothered at the fact that the RP was unengaging for myself, and considering I'm probably not the only person they've robbed where they've given this kind of RP to and honestly just really want to talk to them about it. I don't know their names so it's not like I can exactly reach out to them either, which is why I'm hoping to have them called in and talk it out, if that's cool.

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Guest Xehara

Position Logs:

06:39:42 | Player "Tony Montana" (pos=<5933.2, 7991.4, 306.9>)
06:39:42 | Player "Micheal Delaney" (pos=<5932.6, 7994.5, 306.9>)
06:39:42 | Player "Connor Cain" (pos=<6031.0, 7828.2, 300.7>)
06:44:42 | Player "Tony Montana" (pos=<5725.2, 8147.9, 320.2>)
06:44:42 | Player "Micheal Delaney" (pos=<5726.7, 8140.2, 320.1>)
06:44:42 | Player "David Anderson" (pos=<5637.3, 8263.0, 327.4>)
06:44:42 | Player "Chad John" (pos=<5710.7, 8148.2, 321.7>)

Connection Logs:

05:45:51 | Player "Chad John" is connected
06:36:07 | Player "Chad John" has been disconnected
06:37:22 | Player "Chad John" is connected
07:30:53 | Player "Chad John" has been disconnected

05:50:26 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
06:36:14 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected
06:36:23 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
06:45:02 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected
06:45:07 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
06:52:56 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected
06:53:06 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
08:07:07 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
08:14:26 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected

05:47:40 | Player "David Anderson" is connected
06:34:06 | Player "David Anderson" has been disconnected
06:34:16 | Player "David Anderson" is connected
06:49:35 | Player "David Anderson" has been disconnected
06:50:36 | Player "David Anderson" is connected
07:19:55 | Player "David Anderson" has been disconnected

06:28:30 | Player "Micheal Delaney" is connected
07:30:47 | Player "Micheal Delaney" has been disconnected

06:28:18 | Player "Tony Montana" is connected
07:30:50 | Player "Tony Montana" has been disconnected

Calling In:

@InactiveNate - David Anderson | POSTED

@Chad John - Chad John | 

@Spicey - Michael Delaney |

@Spikey - Tony Montana |

Passer By:

@StarScream911 - Connor Cain | POSTED

For your full PoV and any video evidence, you may have. 

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I would love to speak to @InactiveNatebefore posting my reply if we could get that setup

EDIT: I have messaged him waiting for his response


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Greetings, I was leaving Stary as I noticed these 3 people that robbed @InactiveNate Their voices sounded very familiar to me so after I was done talking to one of the guys in a cowboy hat due to his friend being shady I ran right out of there heading into the Kabanino forest, as I was about halfway across the field these 3 started chasing me which I assume was a planned robbery but when they noticed I had way more stamina they stopped in the field. I ran into the forest and kept going to Pustoshka. Never saw this robbery happen and I don't think I was close by the time it did.

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I was Micheal Delaney, the one with the cowboy hat. We initiated on you with the understanding that one of our group wanted your plate carrier but it turned out he didnt, so our lack of communication was us attempting to figure out why we actually robbed you lol. In our defense, we're very new at robbing people and we weren't entirely sure how to go about it, I apologize for not really interacting with you.


For the record, this was **my** first robbery

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Additional information

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I would like to hold any further ongoing investigations with the report if that’s okay until I’ve talked to the accused to sort out what’s wrong. Thanks!

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Alrighty, the accused and I have spoken, and we went over some areas of improvement they could have done/taken to change the route of things and had a genuine discussion among ourselves.. I genuinely believe these guys will fix where they lacked from this report into any new situations they come across, seeing as they proved to me in Discord they learned to do so, so if the accused is willing along with myself, and the staff see no reason to keep it open themselves, I am totally cool with closing the report.

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The staff team are glad that you have worked it out. However a reminder to the accused, when holding somebody up it is your responsibility to provide them the role-play. Going quiet and searching through their character whilst providing little to no role-play and a 'deal with it' attitude is something we do not want to see again.

As reminder from our rules:

4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards.

With that:


Closed by @Mademoiselle, @DaRsnn and @Onyx

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