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My brothers...

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*Fahed is stood on a field, overlooking the smoke from a burning car which recently exploded*

*Dismembered body parts and limbs of House members lays scattered over a field with burnt grass and scrap metal from the car*

*He kneels down, burrying his head in his palms, crying & begging Allah for forgivness*

"Declan, my brother, wallahi I am so sorry-- device malfunction, is mistake, please Allah yerhamak..."

"I not mean to kill you, please, stupid Khabib connect wrong wire."

"And little Boris... stupid bomb..."

"I so sorry, all my brothers-- I make dua, insh allah you find Jannah..."

"KES EMMAK!" *Fahed kicks over a can of beans*

*He tosses the radio across the field*



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