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[616.1] Judaism National Broadcast

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*You suddenly hear a man playing with his shekels, and he begins to talk*

Children of Chernarus and South Zagoria, you may have not of heard of me, my name is Prophet Abraham Goldstein.

I am on a mission, I am looking for followers, my mission is to convert this country into a Judaism Stronghold, just like Israel, if you wish to be converted to Judaism, me and my fellow Rabbi will help you learn the ways of the Torah and Judaism.

These lessons are free, once our renovations of the Stary Sobor Synagogue are finished, you are welcome. We are welcoming any kind of people, Christian, Islam, Catholic, Buddhism.

This is your new Prophet Abraham Goldstein, I am eagerly awaiting our new followers at the Synagogue.

*The man is still playing with his shekels, and ends the broadcast*


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*Zaahid hears the transmission and curses in arabic before pressing his PTT*

"Salam aleikum infidel, i don't accept false prophets in this country, be gone or face Allah's wrath"

*he releases the PTT and puts it back in his vest*

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*Assad presses his PTT*

"You have a single chance at peace with us, and this is all. You will not be introducing any Synagogues or false religious ideals into these lands we, Jaysh Allah, now call home. If we see the Torah, we will burn it. If we see a Rabbi, we will burn them if they cannot convert. If a Synagogue is erected, it will be burned down. There is no true Prophet than that of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. If you wish to not abandon your feeble religion and unite under the Quran, you are to leave and build elsewhere.

I am certain a... "Man" under Judaism doesn't wish to incite violence or start troubles in a region already plagued with issues such as infidelity. Please, choose wisely- as the next brother might not be so nice."

*He releases the PTT*

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*Salahaddin hears the transmission and replies*

"Me and my muslim brothers do not acknowledge your false prophet, there is only one god, almighty Allah and Muhammed is our prophet. There is no room for people like you in this country, you shall be dealt with swift and brutally...inshallah!"

*Before he releases the PTT he insults the jew in arabic*

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*Saif, knowing what had happened to his brother in Israel, presses the PTT and speaks*

"חביבי, העם שלכם כופרים בדת, אתה וכל העכברים היהודים תמותו, אללה אכבר"

(habibi, you are infidels, you and your jewish rats will die. god is great)

*he releases the PTT and continues his prayer*


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*Ahmed turns on his radio furious*

you pollute the land with your filth and your lies. We will never recognize your false prophet. Inshallah. 

*Ahmed loss his rifle and turns off the radio*

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