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[GUIDE] How To Get The Character Model You Want

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How To Get Your Desired Character Model

Steps: 1 - Kill yourself

2 - Do not respawn. Hit 'exit to main menu'.

3 - If your main menu loads with an all black screen and you can't see your model, follow step 4. Otherwise skip to 5.

4 - Close DayZ down. Open the STEAM Launcher, not the DayZSA Launcher.

5 - Disable launcher parameters that load you in game, and load directly to the DayZ Menu

6 - Create a new character by using the sliders, name that character, and customize accordingly.

7 - Load into game, you will have correct model.



Old method.


- First you need to join the server through the launcher.
- Then kill your character in game.
- You then have to press EXIT (DON'T PRESS RESPAWN).
- Choose the character model you want to use.
- Switch one clothing item (you can switch it back).
- Join the server and it should be fixed. If for some reason it isn't complete these steps again.



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I just love when the solution to a problem is to actually kill yourself.

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24 minutes ago, Mugin said:

I just love when the solution to a problem is to actually kill yourself.

This is my favorite thing to help people trouble shoot in the help desk.

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Updated with currently working method.

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In the event you do not see the DayZRP servers in the in-game browser but managed to get a character here to show up on your main menu by force joining to the IP in the launcher, this has worked for me with 100% success rate:

Do not respawn.
Exit to main menu.
Create a character with the same name as your DZRP active character.
Do not join any server with that character.
Rejoin DayZRP with the character you died as (with the same name).

If you die, exit to main menu, select the "dummy" character and pick the appearance you want, save it, and then join on the other character (with the same name).

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Thank you for the info, I have been having this problem for some time and it's nice to see that the info is now somewhere in the community. 
Here to seeing less dead bodys on spawning 🙂 

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