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A Message To The Fucker That Shot Me. (Open Freq)

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*Sergei would be laying atop a tall building, cleaning his Mosin.*

*A Chernarussian accent would fill the silenced radio waves*

"To the fucker that shot me in that field next to Kabanino... I don't know who you are. But when I find you, I will gouge your eyes from your fucking skull."

*There is a sound of the mosin being loaded and multiple single-fire shots follow. In the background after every shot, you would here "Sla-... ki.", with heavy static.*

"Just like these fucking ghouls I'm picking off right now, you will be no different."

"You shot my... traveling companion, as well. That will just make it all the more excruciating for you. Goodbye suka."

"трусы заслуживают смерти одинокой, жалкой смертью."

*Puts the radio away and resumes his target practice, feeling the bullet grazes on his arms and side.*


"трусы заслуживают смерти одинокой, жалкой смертью."// Cowards deserve to die a lonely, miserable death.


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*The voice of a teen girl can be heard. It sounds hoarse. She doesn't sound much older than sixteen. There's an accent, perhaps Spanish?*

"Oh is that what happened... No wonder I woke up with a bleeding shoulder. I was wondering where you had gone. You sound like you are okay, so that's good."


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*Sergei would hear the familiar voice and let out a sigh of relief before grabbing the radio off his belt.*

"Ah. My... traveling companion. I thought I had lost you,  I am glad I did not. The suka's that shot you will pay for what they did. I promise."

"We will meet again моя красота. Stay safe."

"...Хаотическое начало часто может привести к прекрасному концу."

*Hoping she does not know Russian, he goes back to sharpening his mosin bayonet.*


моя красота// My Beauty. (Formal)


Хаотическое начало часто может привести к прекрасному концу// A chaotic beginning can often lead to a wonderful ending.




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