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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-09, 16:34
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my character died after logging in

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Server and location:  DayzRP, near Novodmitrovsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): it happened an hour ago

Your in game name: Nicolas Wunderle

Names of allies involved: nobody

Name of suspect/s:  i don´t know, i would like to know

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  ofroad (ada) and sedan like 20 meters from my character, i have a screen and video and i can show you position where i "died"

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): i have, i am not able to put it here

Detailed description of the events: 

I was playing like for 4 hours today i met someone in Novodmitrovsk then i run into forest becouse i have 2 cars hidden there, sedan and ofroad there is a lot of stuff, then i wanted to relog becouse my game was laging. I pressed Esc, exit, i restarted the game and then i logged on the server. I was suddenly that, i saw my character and it fell on the ground  and my character shouted. How did i die? i have a short video and fotos with my gear idk how could i die. I am upset becouse i have lost a lot of things, a lot of rare thigns and also my character has died.. i don´t have any witness. I cannot add the video, it is has too big size.



The first foto is before i reloged (i always make sure to take a foto of everything i have). I have also foto of gear, but i can´t put it in there.

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i don´t know why is the quality so terrible on YT. you can see at 0:6 my body and position where i died.


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Kill logs:

17:11:54 | Player "Nicolas Wunderle" (DEAD) killed by Animal_CanisLupus_Grey

Seeing you didn't get killed by a player but by a wolf, this report will be closed due to no rules being possible broken


Signed: @Samti, @Mademoiselle and @Xehara

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