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A Message to Patriots

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*A man with a Russian accent would come over the radio.*

"Patriots of Chernarus.. Sons and Daughters of South Zagoria. There is an enemy among us. One that has revealed itself many times. This enemy slithers through the grass like snakes and feeds on the blood and hard work of the innocent. This enemy is communism. Chedaki have once again shown themselves to us. They did not take enough in 2009. They wish to wage a war of genocide against the citizens of South Zagoria and to take from those that work. They will not stop until the rivers run red with the blood of children. They took many lives in the civil war, dumping the bodies of men, women, and children alike in mass graves, thinking they would be forgotten. But they were not forgotten and they never will be. The communist dogs have infiltrated a village many know as Eden. They have forced the people into a corner with guns to accept communist rule. Are the people of this village patriots of democracy and the Republic or are they supporters of communism and dictatorship rule? It is hard for me to say. What I can say is this. It is time we liberate the people of South Zagoria once and for all! We must take back our land! We must take back our peoples! We must eliminate this cancer from our homes!" 

"Slava Chernarus! Slava South Zagoria!


*The man would stop speaking and music would play.* 




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*Presses the PTT*
Why do you give these men so much credit?
They haven't done jack shit except spread lies and run.
Or maybe this is another propaganda tool to make it look like they've accomplished something.
*releases the PTT*

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He laughs while he presses his PTT

"Bratr, you shouldn't spread those lies."

"Our true supporters know what we are.."

"Slava Chedaki"

He then hears another man, a man he has heard before, he presses the PTT

"Zhopu porvu margala vikoliu cyka"

He slowly releases the PTT




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*Dimitri would be speaking in a thick chernarussian accent the first words would be in russian followed by a wave of gunfire*




"готов, целься, ОГОНЬ!"

(Ready, aim, FIRE!)

*there is a brief pause before the next words come out the mans mouth*

"People of South Zagoria, sons and daughters of the common folk, it is time we take up arms against these foreign invaders that think they have power over you, the infestation calling themsleves the house, dead batteries and Kamenici. They continue to ravage through this province, stealing your supplies and killing your people. Its time we band together under the red banner to build a better future unlike these people who lust for power and greed and the death of your dearest ones. We have accepted the fact that we are here together in the same boat, these people have not. We believe in the people of South Zagoria that believe in the communist cause and the annexation of this province."

"To the Kamencici that turned tails on us last time we fought, what has your glorious goverment ever done for you? You cling to a dead capitalist system that suppresses the very people you swore to protect."

"To the house i ask, how much more do you think it will take until the common folk rise up and rid you of this province, we started this in 2009 and i promise you all that we shall finish it."

"To the dead batteries i have nothing more then prayers for the souls of the men that will die within your ranks"

*Dimitri and his men shouts*


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:: A voice with a light chernarussian accent would come over the frequency ::

"Considering the Chedaki killed the "common folk" in 2009 and eh here we are 10 years later and they still don't support you? Yeah... You might be waiting for quite a while."

"Dead capitalist system... Tovarisch. You realize the Soviet Union ended almost 30 years ago yes? I think you might have better luck claiming to be the great grandson of a tsar than preaching communism."

:: The transmission ends ::

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