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Suggestion: Backpacks

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So I was looking at backpacks and I was thinking what would be cool and I thought about this: The straps for them If they get damaged/ruined we can repair them with rope and maybe some duct tape and the straps for them may change into the same look as the makeshift one. Not sure how hard this would be but if easy enough why not. 


Also, I looked at a link Hex shared in the discord and it showed some pictures with backpacks, and they had extra slots for a tent, medic bag, water canteen etc. If this is easy enough to add these slots, might be worth taking a look at it.


What do you think of these?. 

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None of that is possible unfortunately, we can't change textures of repaired items other than back to their nondamaged state.

As for adding slots onto backpacks I covered that before but the short answer is also no, we can't add slots that add visuals to the existing models.

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