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Jimmy McKnight

Announcement from the Chernarus Trade Federation [Open Frequency]

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*Dallas enters the back room of the old grocery store to escape the commotion in the front. He hits the PTT on the side of his radio and transmits. There is the sound of many people talking in the background as if he is making the transmission from inside a crowded room.*

Hello everyone! My name is Dallas Lee and I represent the Chernarus Trade Federation. Many of you may know us informally as "the traders" or even "Chip's Shop." We decided that since we now have a steady shop in Stary Sobor it is about time we send out a transmission to the people of Chernarus to spread the word to the people.

*Dallas briefly releases the PTT button to breath. The thought of him transmitting to this many people makes him nervous. After a second he holds the button once again*

As many of you know we are a shop for the people. We believe in the "penny for a penny" trade system meaning if you have something for us, we will most definitely have something for you. Our goal in Chernarus is to bring the essentials of survival to all people, not just those who have this "power" we keep hearing about. We ask anyone willing to trade or even make generous donations come to the old grocery store in Stary Sobor and we will work with you.

*He again takes a breath and thinks of what else Chip had told him to say. he forgets to release the button so his breathing is audible over the transmission*

Ah! One last thing Chip told me to tell everyone. We respect all people and wish to better the situation for those in Chernarus. However, we ask that for the good and safety of the people that you leave all grievances at the door and do not bring violence to the shop. Violence often scares our patrons away and this can make our goal more difficult while also limiting the supplies we have to offer. We hope to see you all soon. Please come through and browse some time. We are for the people after all.

*Dallas removes his finger from the PTT and returns to the front section of the store. He places the radio behind the counter and sets off on another hunting trip*

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