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To the people of South Zagoria (Open Frequency)

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*James sits at the desk and looks at the piece of paper in his hands with a sigh. He turns to look out of the window before picking up the radio and broadcasting the following message*

People of South Zagoria, I am James Carter leader of Viridian. We are a peaceful group, here to help you all in these difficult times.

We have trained medical staff on hand that will assist you with any injuries you may have received and can provide training to those that wish to learn basic first aid. If you need medical help or training contact our medical team on 91.2 we will be traveling around and available to come to your location. No matter who you represent we will not judge.

I also speak to you all with a proposition for a better future for this land of South Zagoria. For so long now we have scraped by, doing all manner of things in order to survive this world we now find ourselves in. I propose setting up a council of group leaders in order to work out our differences and bring a new future to this province, an alliance in which we all work together and talk out our issues for the benefit of the population. A province where food is in huge supply, communities thrive and trade routes are created. I can understand worry when it comes to this subject but I can assure everyone that not one single group will take full leadership of all. Borders can be created with the leaders of each area of South Zagoria meeting to address issues that will arrive in their designated lands. No longer would we just need to survive each day, with this in place we could survive for years. 

Any leaders out there that agree with this proposition can contact me on this frequency. Don't dismiss this opportunity, take the time to think it over, think of the future you would want not only for yourself but for your people.

*The broadcast stops as James puts the radio down on the desk and looks with a smile out of the window to the sun shining over the trees*

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Laska listens carefully as she hears the voice of her Ex-husband over the radio. She takes a moment before she presses the PTT and bursts out laughing as if she just heard the joke of the century. She finally talks once she calmed down.

"Ah - you ... you haven't listened to anything I told you back in Chernogorsk and all those other times, did you?"
she chuckles
"I wish you luck. You will need it. You have good intentions James but you go about them the wrong way. If you really think this could work in any way you're naive."

She releases the PTT and shakes her head with an amused smile

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*Grachi is sitting ontop of a ridge, looking into his camp, leaning his chin to his fist, listening to the few radios he has next to him. He hears the James's message before picking up the radio and pressing the ptt.*

"Hello there, Mister Carter. This is Grachi speaking, Leader of Camp Eden. This suggestion of yours sounds wonderful. It sounds too good to be true, but... I have met people. I have protected, taken care, nurtured back to health and... well... seen them die. I have talked with countless of groups, negotiated them with my friends and family, and what do we always get in the end. Gun pointed to our faces, by the people we thought our allies. Because of reasons we couldn't affect. Some call Eden a Chedaki camp. Some call it as the House's camp. Some call it the Batteries place... Because everyone comes there, to make their claims and demands. And we, weak and alone do what we must to survive. And it's not enough anymore... 

*He sighs deeply as he rubs the cast splinted finger in his thoughts before continuing.*

"We wish to offer a moments respite from the horrors of the world, some food, some company for people. Some spare supplies that we might have. But there are people, that would rather see us gone... And it just looks more close every day, that it might happen. But sure, Mister Carter. I am up for this meeting. Why? Because I still have a small ember of hope left. Ember that might light a fire that purifies this land and perhaps gives everyone the new chance... So... We will see. Shall we?"

*He sets the radio down, next to others, before picking up another one and with sigh, starting to talk in it.*

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*Stood with Mikhail, he'd grab his radio and begin transmitting with the sound of disgust in his voice*

""Our lands are not for you to decide who gets what piece, Chedaki supporters will be treated as just that and will suffer the same fate of the innocents they murdered and raped during the civil war. We're glad your 'wife' saw the error in her ways. You people claim peace but sided with monsters and assisted with attacks, your masks will be removed and the people will see who you truly are."

*Pausing for a moment he'd reply once more*

"Slava Chernarus."

*Releasing the PTT he'd place his radio back in his pocket, he'd throw water over the fire and begin kicking dirt over the fires remains and continue packing his belongings away*

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*James smiles and picks up the radio*

"My people have redeemed themselves, by targeting them you are taking away medical aid from not only foreigners in these lands but your people aswell. The history of your country is over, stop the wars and sit down as a republic for the benefit of all in South Zagoria.. and Nas surely you want a better life that worrying what's around the next corner"

*James releases the PTT*

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*Maxmilian listens to the broadcast and replies, he steps in and presses the PTT.*

"Redeemed yourselves..? You have signed your death sentence the moment you sided with the communist infestation that runs rampant in this world, like the vermin who slaughtered my people, you too shall be slaughtered and hanged from the trees.

Perhaps I was wrong to think, that a spineless coward was simply going to leave the country, and fuck off... I should have put a bullet in you when I had the chance.

Say your prayers, you are not welcome here..."

*He releases the PTT.*

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.:: Another reply would fill the already bustling frequency, a young British voice could be heard saying ::.

"Carter, my name is Clancy. Before I say anything else I'll be contacting your other frequency soon so please keep an ear out."

"Now I understand I may be uninformed of you and your group's history, but I see no reason to dig it out if you whole-heartedly mean what you say. There is an obscene amount of blood-shed in these lands and I hope you stick with this idea of yours because it could truly save an immeasurable amount of lives."

"I hope we as human beings have not forgotten what it means to function as a society. We may not share the same views, religions or interests but that isn't an excuse not to try."

"I may have gotten carried away, apologies. Like I said, I'll be contacting you shortly James."

"Stay Safe and Speak Soon."

.:: The sea of static washes back over the frequency ::.

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Laska presses the PTT again, lights herself a cigarette and pretty much ignores Maxims outburst.

"If I would've wanted what you propose James, believe me I would've had plenty of chances to get to a safer place.
I didn't take them. For a reason.
Sbohem - not gonna argue with you over a god damn radio."

She releases the PTT

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*Emily can't believe what she's hearing, pressing then down the PTT*

"I'm not even sure if I can take anything you say serious anymore James... what should I say? Maybe that I'm disappointed... very disappointed. I actually thought you are a different type of person. But I guess that's what I had to expect. We waited three days... got ourselves almost in trouble because of you... and now this? Well.. whatever... do as you please. It seems you didn't get anything from what was tried to be explained to you. Good luck."

*Scoffing softly, she releases the PTT, shaking her head in disbelief.*

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*As the radio comes to life a short medley on the piano of "Imagine" by John Lennon begins to play.  A southern voice eventually joins in.*

"The earth is the LORD'S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it...

Bringing people to health.  A noble undertaking.  You keep the weak alive when they should just perish...

But seperating territories?  Plotting off land like you're some sort of GOVERNMENT....

Didn't really work for us last time, did it?

Perhaps the biggest folly of man is repeating our mistakes when we clearly have been warned against it...

(In a low-haunting singing voice)

Imagine all the people...sharing all the world

*The piano medley would continue for a moment before ending abruptly*

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Fae flicks her cigarette into the lake, picking up her radio.

"Y'all are wasting your time, man. It ain't gonna work and you are just wasting energy at this point.
Give it a fucking rest.

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*James smiles picking up his radio and pressing the PTT*

I guess after the last few broadcasts on this frequency concerning my members past with the Chedaki I should come clean on what really happened as only the truth can justify a council of leaders.

Me and a few of Viridian were members of Generation Zero, one day we were ambushed while caring for one of our own by a group calling themselves the Chedaki. The Chedaki promised us safety in these lands aswell as plots of land to settle down. The also gave respect to us foreigners that are in this province and promised we would be treated equally. We had all heard the stories of Chedaki and what they had done in the past and for keeping our lives we were told to declare our support for them over the radio..

*James sighs*

We declared our support for the Chedaki cause which also included my Chernarussian wife, Anastasia Vrubel whose real name is Laska Vrubel. My wife then went to the settlement of Polana where she met a group of Chernarussians that were very patriotic. When I arrived I was met with insults as were my friends in Generation Zero. We were insulted for not being of this country, compare that to the offer the Chedaki had given us and then you get your answer why certain members of Generation Zero sold out the settlement to the Chedaki to attack.

*James sighs again and would be heard getting up from his chair and walking across the room*

On hearing that the settlement had been sold out and knowing that my wife was still friendly with the people of Polana I rushed to the settlement to warn them of the Chedaki attack before it happened giving them enough time to leave.. it was either betray my group and Chedaki or betray my wife. My actions were not praised by the people of Polana, instead I got called dogpig and further insulted by a guy calling himself Maxim..

What I'm trying to say here is my actions against Chedaki were wrong, by working towards keeping a settlement safe from attack it just brought out who these people actually are. No gratitude and completly racist to anyone that isn't like them.. does that sound better than Chedaki? Today Viridian saved a womans life after she was shot, we are here to help the people of this province the nationalists just want to destroy it.

So Maxim and any other nationalist on this frequency listening, you say I signed a death sentence the minute I gave support for Chedaki.. my ex wife that is with you now also declared her support for their cause.. 

*James releases the PTT and looks out the window*

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