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Retirement [Open Frequency]

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The usual soft southern tenor that had intermittently come across the waves over the months seemed a bit coarse and haggard, a rasp to it that seemed to hint at some sort of soreness or sickness setting in.

"Howdy folks." His words were interspersed by a few strained coughs. "Thanks to a new bullet wound from a drug addled person I've been on the mend again and...I can't do this any more. Spent as much time as I could spare not recovering from whatever maulings I got my dumb ass into. I've done everything I can and I can feel my body is at its limit. All the extra supplies, extra tools, trade goods, leather, it's just...Too much. My knees are getting worse, the shots I took in Vybor left me stiff and this last shot even though it barely got into me has made me start favoring it more than I used to."

The man's voice trailed off, mingled with the sound of movement wherever the broadcast was coming from, leaving him groaning softly to himself only to break down into another fit of coughs before he began again.

"I don't know if I have any goods I've promised to people still undelivered, and if I've failed in that I apologize. Through all this it seems I've come up short more times than I can count, and it's led to people being hurt or killed. I think that it's time for me to stop running around this country, as beautiful as it is when you see it in moments of peace, and try to find a place for myself."

"I don't know if I'll see you folks again, but if you ever find me my door will be open. I'll try to keep the wood pile stocked and, well...Stay safe folks. This is probably going to be my last broadcast for a while. The ones of you I've known, who have helped to stitch me back together, who I've tried to help and who have helped me, thank you. To those I haven't met, who still survive out there through whatever means you have to, try to stay safe and, as hard as it might be at times...Try to remember that we're still human."

He gave a heaving sigh and a final, harsh cough as he moved again.

"Take care folks. This is Mason, Mace, the Leatherman, Wolfsbane, Rainbow, whatever you might have known me as, and I hope we see each other in better days soon rather than later."

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